Tapswap Disappoints Users After Putting Allocation Of Tokens On Hold Indefinitely

Tapswap Disappoints Users After Putting Allocation Of Tokens On Hold Indefinitely—-In a surprising move, the popular tap-to-earn program Tapswap, powered by the TON Blockchain, has indefinitely suspended the distribution of tokens to its users.


This decision was announced by John Robbin, Head of Communications for Tapswap, during an X space session on Wednesday. The company is now seeking the best methods to compensate its users.


Since its launch on February 15, 2024, Tapswap has attracted over 50 million users. The app allows users to mine coins by continuously tapping an icon on the Telegram Tapswap bot screen.


This has become especially popular among Nigerians, who use the app to try and make money by tapping their phone screens.


Robbin stated, “The token launch was postponed until July 1. The new date will be communicated.” He also reassured the community that a significant portion of the tokens would be allocated to retain the active tappers, emphasizing the importance of the community’s involvement in Tapswap.

In a bid to maintain fairness, Robbin warned against system abuse, stating that users who manipulate the game to farm taps would be banned. He appealed to the community for patience, highlighting that background checks are being conducted to ensure fair play.

Explaining the mining process, Robbin said, “Just open the app and tap on it; that will give you shares. The more you tap and the more upgrades you do, the more shares you will have when we finalize the tokens on it. The more tokens you want to have, the more tapping you have to do.”

Regarding the recently ended booster option, Robbin clarified that it was introduced as a paid feature to help new users compete with early adopters. “We introduced the limited x2 donation because the new influx of users kept coming in, and we needed them to make something out of it and get a fair allocation at TGE. It was a platform that allowed people who joined recently to compete with people who started earlier. It is gone for now, but we are looking forward to using the money we earned from it to improve the game in the future.”

Robbin emphasized that all funds generated from the booster option would be used to support Tapswap’s 25 staff members, who are working tirelessly to sustain the app. “We want to be here for a very long time,” he said.

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