Teresa Giudice’s Husband and Vinivia CEO Entangled in Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Allegations

Luis Ruelas and Marcello Genovese, CEO of Vinivia, are currently embroiled in allegations of financial misconduct, with claims of owing millions of dollars to employees, companies, vendors, and agencies, despite their business accounts being reportedly empty. Vinivia, a Switzerland-based company, aims to help content creators monetize through live streaming.

Despite Ruelas’s public assertions of having no ties with Genovese, sources suggest otherwise, indicating that the two shared office space in Los Angeles. An Instagram reel also features Ruelas endorsing Vinivia, hinting at a possible collaboration between them. Recently, it was reported that Ruelas secured a $1 million loan using his mansion as collateral. Sources close to the matter revealed that Genovese allegedly instructed employees to consider Ruelas an investor, mandating a $300,000 check to be written to a fictitious entity named Influencer Nation and another $100,000 for personal use by him and his sons. It later emerged that Influencer Nation was non-existent, with no actual investors backing it.

Genovese faces additional accusations of engaging in a fraudulent $6 million deal with the D’Amelio family, which collapsed following fan backlash. He allegedly approached U.S. banks for loans due to a lack of funds for upfront payments to vendors and an unwillingness to use personal funds. Several Swiss vendors and contractors reportedly remain unpaid, and the company often fails to meet payroll deadlines due to insufficient funds, leading to the termination of employee health insurance. Sources also disclosed that Vinivia falsely claimed expansion through a new platform called Vidpresso, which was founded by Randall Bennett and is not associated with Vinivia.

Further allegations indicate that all but one employee at Vinivia were terminated after the company reportedly accrued an additional debt of $1.5 million owed to various companies in May. Close sources revealed that Genovese is accused of fabricating emails from Vinivia to another company in an attempt to illicitly secure $60 million. Moreover, he allegedly owes over $335,000 to another business following bounced payments from fraudulent wire transfers and credit card transactions.

Amid these serious allegations, neither Genovese nor Ruelas have released a public statement. Additionally, Vinivia has turned off comments on all of its social media platforms, adding to the speculation and concern surrounding the company’s financial practices and leadership.

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