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That '90s Show Finally Introduces An Unseen That '70s Show Character After 24 Years

WARNING! This article contains major SPOILERS for That ’90s Show part 2!


  • That ’90s Show part 2 introduces Leo’s son, Sonny, played by Kevin Smith.
  • The character was mentioned in That ’70s Show but never seen, and his introduction includes a 1990s celebrity cameo.
  • Leo and Sonny’s relationship was previously estranged, with Leo revealing his ex-wife took their kids when she left him.

The very end of That ‘90s Show part 2 finally reveals an unseen character who was first mentioned in That ‘70s Show season 2. While there are several That ‘70s Show actors who don’t return for That ‘90s Show season 2’s cast of characters, the sequel series makes up for it by introducing some figures who were mentioned, but never actually seen, in the original series. Not too surprisingly, these new characters also make the most of their debuts by utilizing the exciting 1990s celebrity cameos lined up for That ‘90s Show season 2.

Despite being referenced, many of the main characters’ families remained mysteries throughout That ‘70s Show. For instance, Kelso’s only on-screen family members were his brother Casey and their father, with Fez’s family from back home never even receiving names. The same is largely true for the family members of That ‘90s Show’s new teens, though the franchise is now rectifying that issue with its returning original characters. In That ‘90s Show part 2’s ending, the Netflix sitcom introduces a character related to Leo who had never been seen before.

That ’90s Show Season 2 Finally Introduces Leo’s Son

Kevin Smith plays Leo’s son, Sonny

The final scene in That ‘90s Show part 2 introduces Leo’s son, Sonny, who is played by ‘90s star and Silent Bob actor Kevin Smith. During his debut, Sonny and his friend Bunch (played by Jason Mewes, the Jay to Smith’s Silent Bob in their notable Jay and Silent Bob duo) crash their car into the Formans’ kitchen, where Leo officially introduces Leia and her shocked friends to his son. Leo first mentioned his son back in That ‘70s Show season 2, episode 18, “Kitty and Eric’s Night Out,” and That ‘90s Show has finally put a face to the description.


That ‘90s Show Finally Proves How Weird Leo’s Role Was In That ‘70s Show

Tommy Chong’s Leo returns in That ’90s Show, with Kitty’s explanation for his link to the gang rightly leading her to question his original role.

Kevin Smith playing Leo’s son in his That ’90s Show part 2 cameo wasn’t expected, but hilariously mirrors the original meta casting of Tommy Chong as Leo in That ‘70s Show. Tommy Chong was notorious for his stoner comedy reputation and Cheech and Chong duo in the 1970s, so his casting as Leo, Point Place’s resident stoner, couldn’t have been more perfect. Likewise, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes rose to fame for their stoner buddy comedy movies and characters Jay and Silent Bob in the 1990s, so casting Smith as Leo’s stoner son repeats that same sentiment in That ‘90s Show.

What That ’70s Show Already Revealed About Leo & Sonny’s Backstory

Leo revealed a broken relationship with his son in That ’70s Show

Leo and Kitty sitting next to each other at church with Bob in the background in That '70s Show

While Leo and Sonny appear to have repaired their relationship ahead of the sequel show, they were largely estranged throughout That ‘70s Show. Early on, Leo revealed that his ex-wife took their kids when she left him sometime before their son’s 16th birthday. After Leo disappeared from That ‘70s Show seasons 5 and 6, his character returned saying he was looking for his house, but it’s unclear if he meant the house he lived in at that time or that he used to share with his family. When That ‘90s Show part 3 releases, plenty of questions will need to be answered about Leo and his son’s reunion.

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