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The Acolyte's New Sith Lord Is Still Hiding His Biggest Secret

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for The Acolyte episode 5


  • The new Sith Lord in The Acolyte, insists he has no name, adding to the ongoing mystery.
  • The Sith Lord’s true identity is still shrouded in secrecy, leaving some key questions unanswered.
  • The possibility exists that “Qimir” may not be a traditional Sith Lord at all, raising further intrigue about his true nature.

Although The Acolyte may have unmasked its Sith Lord, major secrets are still being kept by the show’s primary villain. Having served as the dark master to Mae Aniseya (Amandla Stenberg), this mysterious helmeted Sith finally emerged from the shadows after Mae chose to reunite with her sister over continued service as his pupil and acolyte. Facing down an entire team of Jedi Knights single-handled, the eventual reveal of the man behind the dark mask opens up just as many questions as it answers.

Having already killed several Jedi in The Acolyte episode 5, the show’s new Sith Lord is eventually unmasked as Qimir, the trader who’d been posing as Mae’s ally in previous episodes. Likewise, the cortosis helmet was damaged after he’s been using it to short out opponents’ lightsabers, effectively headbutting incoming lightsaber strikes to gain a lethal advantage. Regardless, there’s still one secret about The Acolyte’s Qimir that has yet to be revealed: his true name.


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The Acolyte’s New Sith Lord Insists He Doesn’t Have A Name

Qimir Is Simply The Stranger’s Alias

Following his unmasking, Qimir tells Jedi Master Sol that he has no name, though he’d likely call him a Sith. As such, his true name as an apparent Dark Lord is not revealed (if he even has one at all). To that end, recent Acolyte merchandise with a replica of the Sith’s helmet has confirmed that Star Wars is currently referring to Qimir only as “The Stranger”.

On the whole, the lack of a name for this new Sith Lord is rather odd and somewhat confusing. However, it does present a new mystery following the unmasking that’s more than likely international. Perhaps the show is waiting to confirm Qimir’s true name as a Sith until the series gets closer to the finale. However, there is another equally intriguing possibility.

Is This Really A Sith Lord At All?

He Might Not Be A True “Darth”

Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) threatening Qimir/Sith (Manny Jacinto) with his lightsaber in The Acolyte season 1 episode 5
Image via Disney+

Based on Qimir’s wording that Sol and the Jedi Order would be the ones to call him a “Sith”, the possibility certainly exists that he’s actually something other than a genuine Dark Lord of the Sith. It certainly seems likely that Qimir might not be a Baneite Sith at all who follows the Rule of Two. Instead, he might be someone gifted in the dark side who is either a rogue Sith, or someone who sees himself as something completely separate. At any rate, it should prove fascinating to see when and if Qimir’s true name will ever be revealed.

The Acolyte releases every Tuesday on Disney+ at 6 PM PST/9 PM ET.

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