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The Boys Season 4 Supports A Big Stormfront Theory In The Weirdest Way Possible

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Boys season 4, episode 3!


  • Stormfront’s potential return in The Boys season 4 is supported by a conspiracy theory at TruthCon.
  • The show has a history of fake-out deaths, leading fans to believe Stormfront may still be alive.
  • Clues from previous seasons and a lack of definitive proof of Stormfront’s death leave room for her return.

One major theory about Stormfront has been making the rounds ever since the character’s last appearance in season 3, and The Boys season 4 is already supporting this theory in the weirdest way possible. Anything can happen in the cynical and wacky world of The Boys, with all kinds of seemingly impossible events taking place in order to shock or gross out the audience. However, one Stormfront story detail seems incredibly unlikely after her previous appearance in The Boys, but season 4 is hinting that a major reveal regarding her character may be coming soon.

The Boys season 4 is finally here, with the highly anticipated continuation of Amazon Prime Video’s critically acclaimed superhero series now releasing on the streaming service. The Boys season 4 picks up right where The Boys season 3 ended, with the titular team attempting to stop Victoria Neuman from becoming vice president while Butcher secretly works in the background to kill Homelander and save Ryan. While most of The Boys‘ main characters have had their stories updated in season 4 already, Stormfront is one major exception due to her death in The Boys season 3.

One Of The Conspiracies At The Boys Season 4’s Truthcon Claims Stormfront Is Alive

It May Sound Crazy, But It Could Be True

The Boys season 4 may be hinting that Stormfront could come back, as one of the conspiracies at TruthCon claims that Stormfront is actually alive. The Boys season 4, episode 2 sees the titular team of supe-killers go to a far-right convention that is centered on highlighting all kinds of conspiracy theories. Mixed in with real-world theories about child traffickers and the Earth being flat are theories about in-universe supes, with the theorists making all kinds of wild claims about characters like Starlight, Soldier Boy, and most importantly, the Nazi villain from season 2 Stormfront.

In the episode, a sign claiming that Stormfront is still alive can be seen, hinting that she could come back in a future episode. Stormfront was killed off in The Boys season 3, with her choking on her own tongue after she was beaten by the heroes in season 2. Stormfront’s death in The Boys seems pretty definitive, as Homelander truly believes she is dead, and if anyone would know about her being alive, it would be him. However, this conspiracy has some credibility behind it due to some strange reasons in The Boys universe.


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Why The Boys Season 4’s Stormfront Hint Isn’t Totally Off-Base

Other Supe Conspiracies Have Become True

While the theory that Stormfront is alive may seem like any of the other crazy conspiracy theories that the Boys see at TruthCon, it actually isn’t totally off base. While the real-world theories seen in the TruthCon scene are still false, the scene actually contains several theories about supes that a true. A theory that Soldier Boy is being held by the CIA and a theory that Soldier Boy and Liberty had a secret romance can both be seen. The Boys season 3 already confirmed that these two theories are correct, meaning that the Stormfront one could be as well.

Since TruthCon’s other theories focusing on Soldier Boy and Stormfront are true, with Stormfront having gone by the Liberty name, then it isn’t a stretch to say that the other Stormfront theory could also be correct. These theories could be the writers of The Boys wanting fans to connect the dots, teasing that Stormfront could be coming back,


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and creating a conspiracy theory for viewers of The Boys to engage with.

Other Reasons Stormfront May Be Alive In The Boys Season 4

It Goes Beyond TruthCon

Aya Cash as Stormfront in The Boys

The idea that Stormfront is still alive has been speculated about by fans of The Boys for a while now, and the TruthCon scene in season 4 is only the most recent piece of evidence. Firstly, The Boys has done fake-out deaths before, with the series pretending that Queen Maeve was dead before bringing her back. Stormfront could also have had a fake-out death, leading to Stormfront’s return in The Boys season 4.

On top of that, Homelander didn’t actually see Stormfront’s death in season 3. Instead, he learned about it from watching a news report in a different location, only learning about her death a while after it had happened. Because of this, it is possible that some trickery went on, with the writers of The Boys coming up with a way for her to live on. While bringing Stormfront back might be complicated, it is entirely possible that it could happen in The Boys season 4.

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