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The Boys Theory Reveals Hughie's Mom Is Season 4's Secret Villain

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for The Boys season 4, episodes 1-4.


  • Hughie’s mom returns in
    The Boys
    season 4, but her actions give viewers reason to be suspicious of her.
  • Daphne’s connection to Vought can’t be overlooked, and she could be responsible for Hugh Sr.’s sudden stroke.
  • Vought may have manipulated Daphne into hurting Hugh Sr., hoping it would distract Hughie or make The Boys look like hypocrites.

Despite being absent for much of her son’s life, Hughie’s mom returns in The Boys season 4 — and one theory about the Amazon show suggests she’s a secret villain. Since the beginning of The Boys, Hughie’s main parental relationship is with his father, and even that bond becomes strained after he joins the titular team. When Hughie’s father has a stroke in The Boys season 4, he faces the very real possibility of losing the only parent he knows. But then Hughie’s mother appears, and things take a surprising turn.

In The Boys season 4, episode 4, Hughie contemplates giving his father Compound V to heal him. And although he decides against this after acquiring the drug from A-Train, his mother goes ahead and injects Hugh with Vought’s creation. Daphne showing up after all this time is surprising enough, but Hughie’s mom pulling that Compound V stunt officially makes her suspicious. It’s no wonder viewers are theorizing about whether she’s a villain, and future episodes of The Boys could prove them right.


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Hughie’s Mom Injecting His Dad With Compound V Teases Her Hidden Motive

Her Intentions May Not Be Benevolent After All

Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell and Rosemarie Dewitt as Daphne in The Boys season 4

There’s a chance that Hughie’s mom gives his father Compound V because she wants to spare Hughie the pain of losing his father. However, this turn of events could allude to a hidden motive for Daphne. Although Hughie’s mother offers an emotional explanation for her absence all these years, it’s possible her return isn’t as benevolent as she makes it out to be. Perhaps the reason for Daphne’s arrival goes beyond making medical decisions for her husband and offering support to her son. She’s certainly said and done enough suspicious things that a secret agenda wouldn’t be a surprise.

Of course, it’s hard to say exactly what Daphne’s hidden motive might be. It’s possible she could benefit personally from having a Supe in the family, and there’s a good chance she doesn’t want to lose Hugh Sr., either. But Daphne’s connection to Vought hints at a more sinister explanation for her behavior. She could prove a villain in The Boys season 4, even though she claims to have good intentions.

Hughie’s Mom Working For Vought Already Hints She’s A Season 4 Villain

Her Connection To The Company Can’t Be Coincidental

Rosemarie Dewitt as Hughie's mom standing in a hospital room in The Boys season 4

One of the biggest clues Hughie’s mother is a villain in The Boys season 4 is that she works for Vought, albeit in a smaller capacity than most of the show’s antagonists. Hughie chastises her for this in The Boys’ three-episode premiere, but Daphne’s connection to the company is quickly glossed over. However, there has to be a reason the Amazon series gives her this particular backstory. Perhaps The Boys is building to a villain twist for Hughie’s mom by mentioning her work. This lays just enough groundwork for such a development to work while staying subtle enough to surprise viewers.

One of the biggest clues Hughie’s mother is a villain in
The Boys
season 4 is that she works for Vought, albeit in a smaller capacity than most of the show’s antagonists.

Although Hughie’s mother doesn’t appear to have a high-ranking position with Vought, it’s possible she has more connections than she’s letting on. If Homelander or another Supe got wind of Hughie’s mom working for the company, they’d surely try to recruit her. And Vought pushing Daphne to make contact with Hughie and his father would explain her sudden desire to reconnect. She claims she feels guilt over how she left things, but there might be other forces pulling the strings of her return.

Hughie’s Mom Reconnecting With His Dad Is Very Suspicious

There Are Questions About Why She’s Reaching Out Now

Simon Pegg as Hugh Sr. in The Boys

Daphne tells Hughie that she’s been in contact with Hugh Sr. prior to his stroke, and she expresses guilt over how she left things with her family. But there’s still the question of why Daphne is choosing now to reconnect with Hughie and his father. The Boys season 4 uses Hugh Sr.’s stroke as a means of bringing the Campbell family back together. However, Daphne reaches out before this incident. It seems a bit random, and while it could stem from guilt, it could just as easily be part of some greater ploy.

It does feel convenient that Daphne reached out right before Hugh Sr.’s stroke, and it’s even more suspicious that he gave her power of attorney instead of Hughie. This could be overlooked if she didn’t have connections to Vought. But after her suspicious Compound V choice, viewers have to wonder if Hugh was manipulated into making this decision. It’s possible Daphne reconnected with him for this purpose. She could have even played a role in his stroke, as The Boys has yet to reveal what caused it.

The Boys Season 4 Hasn’t Revealed The Cause Of Hugh Campbell Sr.’s Stroke Yet

Daphne Could Have Caused It With Vought’s Help

Simon Pegg as Hugh Campbell Sr. in The Boys

While medical emergencies befall people all the time, The Boys season 4 places a large emphasis on Hughie’s father having a stroke and never explains what caused it. It’s possible that age or stress got to Hugh Sr. The latter could even be attributed to his concerns about Hughie. However, it’s somewhat suspicious that Hughie’s mother works for Vought’s pharmaceutical brand, and then her ex suddenly has a stroke. If Daphne really is a villain with ulterior motives for giving Hugh Compound V, she might be the reason he’s in the hospital.

It’s somewhat suspicious that Hughie’s mother works for Vought’s pharmaceutical brand, and then her ex-husband suddenly has a stroke.

It probably wouldn’t be difficult for Daphne to slip Hugh Sr. something that would give him a stroke, especially with Vought’s help. This would tie multiple elements of The Boys season 4 together, and it could explain Daphne’s actions in episode 4. Of course, that does raise questions about why Daphne or Vought would want to hurt Hughie’s father. There are a few possible reasons they might be going after him.

Vought Could Be Manipulating Hughie’s Mom To Hurt The Boys

Distracting Hughie & Making Him Look Like A Hypocrite Are Possible Goals

Daphne herself might not be evil in The Boys, but Vought might have manipulated her into becoming a villain. There are a few reasons Vought might be behind Daphne’s return and actions in season 4. For one, keeping Hughie distracted with his father would benefit Vought and The Seven. With The Boys team coming after them, it behooves Vought to keep all of its members as disengaged as possible. If Hughie’s father is in the hospital, he won’t have as much time or focus to dedicate to bringing down the company.

If Daphne isn’t doing Vought’s bidding of her own volition, she may have slipped Hugh Sr. Compound V to make up for her other actions. Of course, this could also be part of Vought’s plan. If Hughie is exposed for turning his father into a Supe, it would make The Boys look like hypocrites. With The Boys season 4 ramping up the use of propaganda on both sides, this wouldn’t be a bad tactic for Vought. Only time will tell if there’s more to Hugh Sr.’s condition. For Hughie’s sake, it’d be nice if this particular theory proved false.

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