The Game Shuts Down Kendrick Lamar Feud Rumors After Missing “Pop Out” Show

West Coast rap legend, The Game, has set the record straight regarding his relationship with Kendrick Lamar. Known for his significant influence in Compton during the 2000s and his role as a mentor to emerging stars, The Game’s absence from Kendrick Lamar’s Juneteenth “Pop Out” show raised eyebrows among fans. Many speculated about potential tension between the two, leading The Game to address these rumors publicly.

The day after the show, The Game took to Instagram Live to express his admiration for Kendrick Lamar’s performance. “Kendrick did his sh*t, and what he did last night was amazing for the West Coast,” he shared with his followers. He emphasized that he did not need to be physically present to appreciate the event’s impact. “It’s a dub for the coast,” he added, highlighting his continued support for Lamar and the broader West Coast rap scene.

Addressing the speculations head-on, The Game clarified that he harbors no animosity towards Kendrick Lamar or his label, Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE). In fact, he revealed an interesting tidbit about the early days of TDE, noting that he was once offered an opportunity to invest in the label by its founder, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith. “Top Dawg wanted to give me half of Top Dawg,” The Game stated. “I didn’t want nothing from ngas. I just wanted to push n

The Game’s Instagram Live session was not just about dispelling rumors but also about addressing the negativity he encountered online. He expressed frustration over the unfounded gossip that circulated during and after the “Pop Out” show. “Stop speculating and doing all that goofy sh*t,” he urged. He mentioned receiving messages and seeing posts on blog sites suggesting a rift between him and the West Coast rap community. “I be in my own lane, chilling. Taking care of my kids,” he asserted, emphasizing his focus on personal responsibilities over drama.

Furthermore, The Game took the opportunity to remind everyone of his contributions to the careers of artists like Kendrick Lamar and the late Nipsey Hussle. He recounted how Snoop Dogg mentored him, and he, in turn, supported Kendrick. “That n*ga learned that sh

In conclusion, The Game’s message was clear: there is no beef between him and Kendrick Lamar. Instead, there is mutual respect and admiration. As The Game continues to support the new generation of West Coast rappers, he remains a pivotal figure in the hip-hop community, guiding and mentoring while staying true to his roots.

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