The Nwoke’s: Check out Sharon Ooja and her husband’s final outfit for their wedding (video)

Sharon Ooja just had her traditional wedding, and the actress served major fashionable looks all through.

The focus of this article is on her third outfit, alongside her husband Mr Nwoke. This third outfit represented the Igbo culture, which paid homage to her husband as an Igbo man.

Sharon Ooja wore a dress, which was made from the ‘Isi Egwu material’. The top of the dress was lined with green beads, with yellow beads running through the sides, and into her sleeves. For the skirt, only the ‘Isi Egwu’ material was used, and it fell into a short train at her feet.

Complete with red beads for her necklace and bracelet, alongside some decorative cultural hair beads, Sharon Ooja looked like a proper Igbo bride.

Mr Nwoke on the other hand wore an ash colored two piece, paired with a mini jacket that was made from the ‘Isi Egwu’ material, and he topped it up with a traditional Igbo cap.

The outfits Sharon Ooja wore for her wedding are all well detailed, and they were able to fully embody both the Igbo and Idoma cultures.

Prior to this Igbo cultural outfit, Sharon Ooja wore a dress that represents the Idoma culture of Benue State.

The first outfit that the Nwoke’s wore was a white brocade outfit for the groom, and a white lace dress for the bride.

In general, all of Sharon Ooja and her husband’s outfit were top notch, and the newlywed couple looked amazing.

Even the decoration of her wedding venue made headlines, with its floral accented decor and beige colored chairs that complimented the space.

Sharon Ooja’s wedding decoration gained so much traction online that it was being compared with Davido’s, and it created a huge debate online, with a lot of people dragging the singer for not choosing a better event organizer.

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