“They still couldn’t copy this class” – Denrele Edun throws shades as he marks 43rd birthday with interesting hairdo

Nigerian media personality Denrele Edun is celebrating his 43rd birthday today in a unique way.

The entertainer, known for his interesting and out-of-the-box outfit, shared photos of him rocking a unique braid. In his caption, he stated that even when his copycats press Control C, they can’t still copy his class.

He made it known that he was creating his own sunshine as he told himself to love without end and burn with beauty no lens can control.

He described his new age as fierce, feisty, funky, fearless, flawless, and fabulous.

“Level 43 unlocked!

Chapter 43: Creating my own Sunshine!

Love without End.
Burns with Beauty no Lens can contain.

Fierce Feisty Funky Fearless Flawless FAB FORTY FREE!

They pressed Control C and still couldn’t Copy this Class!”.

Weeks back, Denrele schooled a Twitter user who said his junior colleague, Bobrisky, had overthrown him. Replying him, Denrele told him to deaden the narrative as he noted how this is 2024. He further reintroduced himself as he lectured the tweep on his achievements and titles.

In April, while counting down to celebrating 3 decades in the Entertainment Industry, Denrele recalled how a famous DJ’s wife told his favourite designer not to style him and to avoid touching his kids, thinking he had aids. He noted how he had been labelled several names, from Anorexic to Malnourished and even HIV positive, and now he was adding weight, and it was so beautiful for him to see.

Early this year, Denrele recounted his early struggles and rise to fame, revealing that he was once a cage dancer for the African Shrine and did everything to hustle while still in the University.

On Mother’s Day, he also recounted his mother’s sacrifices for him and his siblings, revealing that his mother worked several jobs in Lagos to make life worth living for them. He further recalled his bitter experiences after he and his mother moved to their family house.

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