“This holiday isn’t holidaying” – Jim Iyke laments bitterly over lack of sleep, as he shares his parenting struggles (Video)

Nollywood actor and businessman Jim Iyke has shared his parenting struggles with his millions of fans.

Taking to his Instagram page, he revealed that he flew nearly 7 hours to Paris and wanted a little bit of sleep, but his toddler son wanted otherwise. Ironically, 6 hours after they wrestled and played all day, his son said he wanted to sleep after robbing him off his own sleep.

Lamenting, the actor stated that the holiday isn’t holidaying for him as he revealed his plans to give his son a shot of brandy so he can rest.

Jim Iyke shares his struggles with his son


You’re not gon believe this boy flew 15 hrs to get to Paris early this morning. I flew nearly 7 hrs. All I wanted was a little sleep. JJ wants to wrestle all day.
Then 6 hrs later, he wants to sleep.
Mehn! This holiday is not holidaying for me oo. 🤦🏾🤣😅😂😂.

I go find a shot of brandy give this boy soon make I rest joor.


Taking to his comment section, many gushed over his relationship with his son.

One Extraordinary Bella214 wrote, “The kind of love I always wanted for my son but life took him too soon. This is really father and son love

One Sino Smart wrote, “Just give am small kai Kai make he sleep, make yourself rest

One Kyrian Chiemelie Offor wrote, “The last slide got me so emotional. Just having a nephew made me understand this parenting love

One Asobthevibe wrote, “Nothing is sweeter than this”.

In 2022, Jim Iyke had for the first time revealed that he had been married twice but they failed, adding that he now has three kids. He revealed that he is always strategic and very unpredictable and that is why the media and no one know about his marriage, when it failed and his three kids.

Last year, he won the praises of many when he took accountability for his failed marriage and admitted that it was his fault as he was detached from his wives. He blamed his crashed marriage on the death of his mother, which affected him emotionally and led to a change of behaviour and he lost his humour, and he became a woeful husband to his wife.

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