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This June 2024 Romance Book Is Perfect For Anyone Missing The Golden Age Of Rom-Coms


  • The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center is the perfect rom-com book for those missing the golden age of romantic comedies.
  • The book honors and emulates the best rom-coms, exploring the essence of what makes them beloved by audiences.
  • Katherine Center’s novel brings rom-coms back to life with its relatable characters and heartwarming storylines.

This summer, a new romance book is making its debut, and it might just be the perfect read for those who miss the golden age of rom-coms. The modern romantic comedy truly reached its peak during the 1990s and early 2000s; rom-coms simply haven’t been as good since then. Luckily though, romance books have made a massive comeback in the last few years, and with them, rom-coms have enjoyed a renaissance, largely thanks to streaming – though with a few surprise theatrical release hits, too.

In June 2024, the highly-anticipated romance book, The Rom-Commers, was released. Written by Katherine Center, the book follows Emma Wheeler, a young woman who has always dreamed of becoming a screenwriter. When the opportunity of a lifetime comes her way, she drops everything to spend six weeks in LA with famed screenwriter, Charlie Yates. Unfortunately, though, Charlie isn’t the man she thought he would be. Emma must fix his script and teach him a thing or two about rom-coms before her time in Los Angeles is up.


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The Rom-Commers Honors Romantic Comedies

The Rom Commers Cover Katherine Center

Among the countless romance books on the market these days, The Rom-Commer is the best replacement for rom-com movies. First and foremost, The Rom-Commers is a story dedicated to rom-coms. Emma doesn’t just dream of being a screenwriter; she is a romantic comedy expert. So when she travels to L.A. and begins working with Charlie on his script, she isn’t simply schooling him. Katherine Center is also teaching her readers about what makes the perfect rom-com and why people love them. The Rom-Commers is like a perfect romance book-to-movie adaptation, but reversed.

A good rom-com not only aces the relationship, but also makes its characters feel like real people.

The Rom-Commers also stands out from its competition because it has all the hallmarks of a great romantic comedy. The book is funny and passionate, but it also explores all levels of human emotion. Readers can laugh and cry equally. While the romantic pairing is a key element of the story, Katherine Center delves into other side plots, as well. This helps make the story much more relatable and realistic. A good rom-com not only aces the relationship, but also makes its characters feel like real people.

Why Katherine Center’s 2024 Romance Book Is Perfect For Those Missing Rom-Coms

The Rom-Commers Is Similar To The Best Rom-Coms

The Rom-Commers honors and appreciates romantic comedies, but it also emulates them. In this way, readers can relive their favorite rom-coms in a totally different way. For example, Emma and Charlie’s optimistic versus pessimistic dynamic is just like Harry and Sally from Nora Ephron’s When Harry Met Sally. The L.A. setting and ties to the entertainment business are reminiscent of La La Land. Plus, the co-workers-to-lovers trope feels just like The Wedding Planner. Ultimately, Katherine Center brings rom-coms back to life with her romance novel, The Rom-Commers.

Katherine Center has written various romance books, including
The Bodyguard, Hello Stranger,
What You Wish For.

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