TikToker Rhegan Coursey Addresses Cat Neglect Allegations in Viral Controversy

TikToker Rhegan Coursey Responds to Allegations of Cat Neglect: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Popular TikToker Rhegan Coursey has recently come under fire after fellow influencers accused her of neglecting and allegedly causing the death of her pet cat, Sevyn. The controversy erupted after beauty influencer Antonio Garza shared a story on Larray’s podcast, ‘Put a Sock in It,’ in 2023, alleging that an unnamed content creator had “killed their cat” due to neglect.

The story resurfaced in June 2024, leading many netizens to speculate that the influencer in question was Rhegan Coursey. Coursey has since taken to TikTok to vehemently deny these claims in a series of videos.

In her initial response, Coursey explained that Sevyn had gone missing from the ‘Go House’ content house in the Hollywood Hills while she was in the process of moving rooms. She emphasized the likelihood of Sevyn being lost due to the wildlife and vegetation in the area. Coursey also pointed out that with ten other housemates, any severe neglect would have been noticed by others. “They would all know if I killed my cat, and none of them would hang out with me afterwards,” she said.

However, the controversy deepened when an anonymous Reddit account posted photos and screenshots of text messages purportedly showing Sevyn in a state of neglect, allegedly taken by a roommate who rescued the cat. The texts claimed that Sevyn was extremely malnourished, had matted fur, and was having trouble walking. The alleged rescuer stated they had left the back door open to make it seem like Sevyn had run away, without Coursey’s knowledge.

On June 16, Coursey addressed these allegations again, asserting that the cat shown in the photos was not Sevyn and that Sevyn had been sick but not to the extent depicted online. She supported her claim with photos and videos of Sevyn appearing healthy, including a Snapchat of her ex-boyfriend holding the cat and several other instances of her caring for Sevyn.

Coursey explained that Sevyn had a minor illness and she had consulted the adoption agency, which reassured her that it was likely a small cold. She expressed her frustration and disbelief over the situation, emphasizing her love and care for Sevyn.

Antonio Garza, who initially shared the story, apologized for spreading rumors but maintained that she believed the information she was told. “I didn’t make this up, and I don’t think I was lying,” Garza said, while acknowledging the mistake of discussing the rumor publicly.

Adding to the complexity, another Go House roommate, Jacob Kausch, claimed in a video that he had taken Sevyn to the vet because he believed the cat was severely neglected and needed urgent care. Kausch stated he left the back door open to create the impression that Sevyn had run away. He expressed regret over witnessing the cat’s deteriorating condition and his decision to keep the incident private.

Coursey responded to Kausch’s claims with more evidence, showing photos of Sevyn the night before she was allegedly taken from the house, disputing the accusations of severe neglect. She also mentioned seeking legal counsel and criticized Kausch, Garza, and Hayley Sharpe, another influencer who briefly supported the allegations before deleting her video.

The situation has sparked a heated debate online, with commenters divided over who to believe. Some defend Coursey, arguing that the accusations don’t align with the timeline and evidence she provided. Others remain skeptical, pointing to the photos and accounts shared by her former housemates.

Coursey, a prominent TikTok creator with over 4 million followers, is known for her participation in the YouTube reality show The Go House LA, where she lived with other content creators. The allegations against her have cast a shadow over her reputation, and the controversy continues to unfold, with potential legal consequences still uncertain.

As the drama progresses, the community remains split, eagerly awaiting further developments and hoping for clarity on what truly happened to Sevyn.

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