Twitch Bans BruceDropEmOff’s Alt Account Following xQc Feud

Twitch has issued a ban to streamer BruceDropEmOff’s alternate account, ‘offmepordecurb,’ just days after his heated clashes with xQc.

Twitch has indefinitely banned BruceDropEmOff’s alternate account, ‘offmepordecurb,’ following a series of heated exchanges with fellow streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel. This suspension has also effectively barred Bruce from streaming on his primary account due to Twitch’s strict ban evasion policy, which prevents streamers from using other accounts while one is suspended.

BruceDropEmOff’s ban came just a month after his much-publicized return to Twitch from the rival streaming platform Kick. His re-entry into Twitch was marked by vocal criticism of Kick, where he accused the platform of stifling his creativity. This criticism sparked a feud with xQc, who recently signed a $100 million contract with Kick. xQc defended Kick, asserting that Bruce never truly believed in its potential as a streaming platform.

The dispute escalated quickly, with BruceDropEmOff making severe allegations against Kick staff members. He claimed that a former employee, Melissa, had reported racist remarks and discriminatory actions, including offering a streamer less money due to her cancer diagnosis. Bruce did not hold back in his response to xQc, labeling him a “d*ck eater” and the “golden boy” of the streaming world. He also targeted xQc’s community, derogatorily referring to them as “juicers” and expressing his disdain for them with expletives.

The situation further deteriorated on June 23, when footage emerged of Bruce on his alternate account making discriminatory comments and using slurs against a user in his chat. In one instance, Bruce was heard saying, “We can meet up and both die, bomb strapped to my chest, b*tch ass.” Such statements are in clear violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, which led to his account being marked as unavailable for violating these policies.

According to Twitch’s rules, streaming on another account while suspended is considered ban evasion. This means that BruceDropEmOff faces the risk of additional penalties if he attempts to use his primary account during the suspension. At this time, Bruce has not publicly commented on the exact reason for the ban or the duration of the suspension.

The controversy surrounding BruceDropEmOff’s ban extends beyond his feud with xQc. Many in the online community have pointed to specific instances where Bruce’s language and behavior on stream were problematic. In one notable clip, Bruce is heard using offensive language towards one of xQc’s fans, making highly inappropriate and threatening remarks. This type of behavior is strictly against Twitch’s community standards, which aim to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all users.

With his alternate account banned, BruceDropEmOff is currently unable to stream on Twitch. The suspension leaves his fans wondering if he will return to Kick, the platform he had previously criticized. As the situation unfolds, the streaming community continues to watch closely, anticipating Bruce’s next move and any further developments in this ongoing saga.

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