Unified Payments Affirms Commitment To Talent Development, Welcomes Cohort 2 To UP Academy

Unified Payments Affirms Commitment To Talent Development, Welcomes Cohort 2 To UP Academy—Following the successful integration of its inaugural cohort, Unified Payment Services Limited this week welcomed a new cohort into the Unified Payments Academy, a pioneering talent incubation program designed to address the talent gap in Nigeria’s evolving fintech industry. Starting this week, the Academy is set to groom another set of 30 bright and driven individuals who will undergo intensive training and gain industry experience.


Selected from a competitive pool of over 3,000 applicants, the new cohort of promising individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests,  will be exposed to six-week immersive classroom training delivered by industry experts, followed by two years of hands-on experience and real-world opportunities within Unified Payments and its subsidiaries.



Welcoming the interns to the organisation, Mrs. Vivian Okolo, Director of Corporate Services, congratulated them on their admittance into the Academy. “We are delighted to introduce Unified Payments and its subsidiaries to our new interns. As Nigeria’s first fintech company licensed by the Central Bank, Unified Payments has led the charge in digital and financial technology through entities like Payattitude, TM30, UP Digital, and Payrena. The Unified Payments Academy offers a comprehensive two-year program that will enable you to thrive in this dynamic industry. Embrace the opportunities before you, and contribute to our groundbreaking innovations.”



Also addressing the interns, Mr. Sunday Oladipupo Dosumu, Director of Finance and Accounts, encouraged them to maximise the privilege of being in the Academy. “Welcome to the Unified Payments Academy. This program is a golden opportunity for you to shape your careers. Be curious, ask questions, and engage deeply with the learning process. The foundational skills you acquire here will be instrumental in building your professional journey. We look forward to seeing you grow and make a lasting impact in the fintech sector.”



Unified Payments Academy continues to embody Unified Payment Services Limited’s dedication to fostering talent and driving innovation within Nigeria’s fintech ecosystem. By equipping interns with the necessary skills and knowledge, the Academy is not only nurturing individual talents but also contributing significantly to the overall growth of the economy.



In a country with rising unemployment rates, the Academy’s efforts are particularly impactful. By creating a steady pipeline of skilled professionals ready to enter the workforce, Unified Payments Academy is helping to mitigate unemployment and drive economic growth.


The comprehensive training and real-world experience provided by the Academy ensure that graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the fintech industry, thereby enhancing their employability and career prospects.


The Academy’s inclusive and rigorous selection process ensures that only the best and brightest minds are chosen for this transformative journey. The program not only provides technical and professional training but also instills a sense of responsibility and innovation, preparing interns to become leaders in their field.



Unified Payments Academy represents a significant investment in the future of Nigeria’s fintech industry and the broader economy. By fostering a new generation of fintech professionals, Unified Payments is helping to build a more robust and dynamic financial ecosystem, driving technological advancement, and promoting financial inclusion.



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About Unified Payments Services Limited: Unified Payments Services Limited is Nigeria’s premier payment technology company, known for its innovative solutions and commitment to excellence. Owned by a consortium of leading Nigerian banks, Unified Payment Services Limited is at the forefront of driving financial inclusion and technological advancement in Nigeria and beyond.

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