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WARDC Celebrates June 12, Seeks More Inclusiveness For Women

The Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre, WARDC, has stressed the importance of the Federal government prioritising the implementation of policies and programs to address challenges faced by women, which include gender-based violence, discrimination, limited access to education and economic opportunities.

This is as the group at the forefront of the protection and promotion of women’s rights in the country also called on state governments to be concerned with women’s issues and ensure the full participation of women in all aspects of society.

On June 12: Revisit Gender Bills -WARDC

WARDC Acting Executive Director, Emmanuella Azu in a statement to celebrate the country’s Democracy Day, on June 12 highlighted an urgent need for the 10th National Assembly to revisit the five gender bills. These bills which were rejected by the 9th Assembly stigmatise and raise a huge barrier against women financially, politically, and culturally.

According to her, “They are the bill to provide special seats for women at the National Assembly, 35% affirmative action for women in political party administration, expansion of the scope of citizenship by registration so that women can confer citizenship on their non-Nigerian husbands, the bill on indigeneship, and 10% affirmative action for women in political appointments. These bills, if passed, will provide legal protection for women who are grossly stigmatised by the Nigerian 1999 constitution as amended. 

The group further posited that a truly democratic country is one where no citizen is stigmatised or deprived of opportunities because of her gender. 

WARDC advocates inclusive, equity for women, girls

“As we celebrate democracy today, WARDC reiterates its commitment to advocating for the rights and dignity of women and girls in Nigeria. We call on all stakeholders to join us in this effort, ensuring that the country’s democracy is truly inclusive and equitable for all,” Azu stated. 

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