“We are super proud of you” – Mabel Makun melts hearts as she unites with Ayo Makun for their daughter’s success

Businesswoman and mother of two, Mabel Makun has melted hearts as she unites with her estranged husband, Ayo Makun to celebrate their daughter, Michelle Makun’s graduation.

Over the weekend, Ayo Makun shared lovely moments from his daughter’s graduation ceremony and the numerous awards she bagged from the event.

He shared a video that captured a beautiful family time between himself and his wife. Alongside his wife, they cheered their daughter and wished for more success.

In the same manner, Mabel Makun shared their photos from the event with a caption that shows how they are proud of their daughter’s achievements.

“Meet the latest graduate in town. Congratulations daughter of mine, we are super proud of you,” Mabel Makun wrote.

Congratulations messages from celebrities and friends have been trooping in for the mother and daughter.

am_tukool wrote, “Congratulations Michelle, Daddy and Mummy looking great as well. Isabella is a Cutie too.”

nikkyu wrote, “See my little babies that year oh congratulations Michelle darling.”

elsieokpocha wrote, “Congratulations baby. Well done mama.”

omonioboli wrote, “Congratulations to you all. Blessings all around.”

apeaiiterngu wrote, “So fine pls you guys should reconcile there is no perfect being on earth. Love to see you all together as a family.”

Kemi Filani recalls that Ayo Makun confirmed the end of his almost 20-year relationship with his wife, Mabel Makun.

The famous stand-up comedian expressed regrets for losing his home and admitted doing things that were not good during the marriage.

He however warned against projecting the wrong narrative about him and his family, which he found injurious to his teenage daughter.

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