“What they had in the house wasn’t real” – Netizens react to Adekunle’s refusal to get a second chance with Venita Akpofure

The pot has been stirred about BBNaija’s Adekunle and Venita Akpofure’s relationship. Kemi Filani earlier reported that Adekunle rejected the idea of getting back with Venita Akpofure romantically.

Recall that both reality television stars dated while they were in the BBNaija house. Despite the fact that they were one of the most shipped couples, their relationship didn’t survive outside the house.

Adekunle mentioned that a lot of things happened that led to their breakup, but the didn’t specify. However, it was enough reason for him not to consider getting back with her.

Netizens in the comment section were torn between supporting Adekunle or Venita Akpofure. Here are some of their reactions;

exquisitelovergir wrote, “Adekunle should consider hosting a love midnight show on Radio. Gosh, this voice”

cravingsnails wrote, “I will prefer his speaking voice over YuL’s own. Yul use to have one of the best until his nzuzubilty started making it sound like a JBL speaker”

anis_printing_hub wrote, “Even if Venita has an attitude problem I think This oga looks like a difficult person. I think he is very into himself. Anyways Wetin consign me make I face my 5k T-shirt Printing promo in Peace whether I go blow too like them make blogs
Dey carry my story too.”

angelsingz1 wrote, “Venita is still bigger than you”

thenurse_vee wrote, “Venita faked a relationship with him all through in the house. He was smart enough to notice but played along. She did what actors knows best to do and what could keep her longer in the game. I enjoyed watching while it lasted. All the emotional outburst lol! adekunle was like venita ao whine you but no panic”

bukkyogunkoya wrote, “Venita just fine for face, she is chaos”

tcheedees wrote, “The delusion in this comment section is too much. How is Venita too good for him? Because she yellow? Oh!”

oluabdullateef wrote, “Any lady that has issue with Adekunle. The lady should forget it, she’s the problem. Adekunle is one of the coolest and reasonable guy any lady can be with. Venita is definitely the problem”

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