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Where Was Your Honor Filmed? Bryan Cranston Show's Filming Locations Explained


  • Bryan Cranston’s Your Honor was primarily filmed in New Orleans, using key locations like Uptown and the Lower Ninth Ward for storytelling.
  • The series delves into moral dilemmas as Michael grapples with his past decisions, showcasing the city’s geography as a crucial backdrop.
  • Important landmarks like Commander’s Palace and the Bourbon Orleans Hotel play significant roles in shaping the narrative of Your Honor.

Bryan Cranston’s New Orleans-set series Your Honor had a number of key filming locations that strengthened the show’s intersecting storylines. The Breaking Bad star returned to a leading TV role with Your Honor, a legal drama that sees Cranston play Michael Desiato, a judge who must reckon with his past decisions and role in his son’s tragic hit-and-run. In addition to Cranston, Your Honor features a talented cast including Hope Davis, Michael Stuhlbarg, Lilli Kay, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Benjamin Flores Jr., Keith Machekanyanga, Hunter Doohan, and Jimi Stanton.

The series is an intense drama as Michael grapples with his life’s work and weighs his morality with being a good father. Your Honor was initially planned as a limited series when it premiered in 2020, but it was later renewed for a season 2 that premiered in January 2023. Both seasons had 10 episodes, making for a 20-part series overall that stayed fairly strong throughout its run. Your Honor had to manage a number of key locations as the setting played a big part in the show’s storytelling.


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Uptown — New Orleans, Louisiana

Michael And Charlie Meet Uptown

Your Honor Charlie sits in a restaurant looking concerned

Your Honor shot the vast majority of its scenes within the city limits of New Orleans, Louisiana. The first season of Your Honor was filmed in the city from September 2019 to March 2020, before being shut down by COVID. The production then picked up again in October 2020, finishing out the first season through the end of November. Your Honor season 2 was shot from July to December 2022, prior to the release of the sophomore season in 2023.

The geography of New Orleans plays a huge role in Your Honor, with some settings providing background to different significant scenes. Several Uptown locations are seen throughout the series, such as when Michael first meets his friend Charlie, who will become crucial to the rest of the series. Uptown is also home to the real Ted’s Frostop Diner, and the area is returned to in several episodes of Your Honor, including season 1, episode 2 and episode 6.

Lower Ninth Ward — New Orleans, Louisiana

The Lower Ninth Ward Is Where Adam’s Accident Occurs

Your Honor's Adam Desiato holding his cell with blood smeared on his hands and clothes

The Lower Ninth Ward is a culturally vital part of life in New Orleans, as it is the largest district in the city. Historically, it is also the area of the city that has been most affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, where hundreds of homes were decimated in 2005. It is no surprise that Your Honor chose to stage Adam’s pivotal hit-and-run accident in this area. The Lower Ninth Ward is also where the Jones family lives and is a location that is returned to throughout the series.

Garden District — New Orleans, Louisiana

The Desiato Home Is In The Garden District

Though the Lower Ninth Ward is perhaps the most crucial section of New Orleans depicted in Your Honor, Michael and his son Adam live in the Garden District. The scenes in the Desiato household were shot at a private home in the Garden District. An apt moniker, the Garden District is full of flowers and life and partially exists in the show to act as a voice for the poverty and devastation present in the Lower Ninth Ward. Michael has lived a comfortable life in the Garden District while many in his city suffer.

Commander’s Palace — New Orleans, Louisiana

Commander’s Palace Is Seen In Late Season 1

Tony Curran as Frankie in Your Honor standing in a closet

There are a number of restaurants within Your Honor that serve important roles within the series. Commander’s Palace, a cozy jazz brunch spot in the Garden District, is one of those restaurants. The Desiato family visits Commander’s Palace and is specifically witnessed patronizing the restaurant in Your Honor season 1, episode 8, at a dinner that is intended to celebrate Adam.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel — New Orleans, Louisiana

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel Doubles As The Baxter House

Michael Stuhlbarg as Jimmy Baxter eating a meal in Your Honor

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel was used to create one of the most critical landscapes of Your Honor: This is where mobster Jimmy Baxter runs his criminal operations, a plot that becomes a hugely crucial factor in Your Honor. The exterior scenes of the Baxter House Restaurant are shots of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, located in the historic French Quarter district of New Orleans, on Orleans Street.

The Rib Room — New Orleans, Louisiana

The Rib Room Is Used As An Interior Dining Room In The Baxter House Restaurant

Sofia Black-D'Elia as Frannie Latimer in Your Honor smiling slightly

While it is an implied feature of the Baxter House, an interior dining scene was shot at a different location called The Rib Room. The Rib Room is not part of the Bourbon Orleans Hotel but finds its home at the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel, located in the French Quarter on St. Louis Street, about three blocks down from the other hotel. It is the Rib Room used for the Baxter dining sequence that closes Your Honor season 1, and it provides a lavish setting for a crime-filled show.

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