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Who Is Ruby's Mother? All Doctor Who Clues & Best Theories

Warning: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Doctor Who season 14, episode 7, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday”


  • Doctor Who season 14, episode 7, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday” solves many mysteries but leaves the identity of Ruby’s mother unanswered.
  • Ruby’s mother may have time-manipulating abilities and could be connected to Sutekh.
  • Theories suggest her mother could be Susan, Mrs. Flood, River Song, a TARDIS, or insignificant compared to her unknown father.

Doctor Who has provided many clues and spurred many theories related to the identity of Ruby’s mom. Doctor Who season 14 is coming to a close, with the last episode releasing this Friday. The most recent episode, Doctor Who season 14, episode 7, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” solves many mysteries, but it leaves one of the most pressing questions unanswered. Audiences and the Doctor Who main characters still don’t know the identity of Ruby’s Sunday’s biological mother.

While Carla Sunday is unquestionably Ruby’s mother, the young woman still has a desire to learn where she genetically came from. The Doctor and UNIT also take an interest in this mystery when Ruby starts exhibiting strange abilities like materializing snow and hurting Maestro. The young woman also defied the Blinovitch Limitation Effect in Ruby Sunday’s “73 Yards” storyline, hinting at her power. Though Doctor Who hasn’t provided any answers yet about the identity of Ruby’s mother, the show has provided a few hints that further theories on the subject.

Ruby’s Mother Crying Suggests She Isn’t A Villain

Ruby’s Mother Cries In The Memory Of Christmas 2004

Image via Disney+

When the Doctor first visited Christmas 2004, they didn’t hear Ruby’s Mother say anything. However, Doctor Who season 14, episode 7, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” shows that the woman under the hood cries when leaving baby Ruby Sunday on the church steps. In addition to connecting Carla Sunday with her daughter’s biological mother, the moment hints at the personality of Ruby’s mother.

Popular theories about the identity of Ruby’s mother in Doctor Who included her being the daughter of The One Who Waits or Missy/The Master. However, it seems unlikely that either of these villains would cry when leaving Ruby. Sutekh, aka The One Who Waits, is shown to be cruel and terrifying. Missy only ever fakes empathy rather than truly caring. As such, it seems unlikely that Ruby’s biological mother is a villain – at least not without expanding the characters. However, it’s also possible that the crying was a projection of Ruby’s emotions about the memory.

Ruby’s Mother Appears To Be Manipulating Time

The Doctor, Ruby, And UNIT Can’t See Ruby’s Biological Mom’s Face

A mysterious figure in a cloak pointing in Doctor Who season 14 episode 7
Image via Disney+

The Doctor and Ruby Sunday can’t see the face of Ruby Sunday’s biological mother when looking at the memory in the Time Window, and the cause doesn’t seem to be normal. No matter how hard they try to manipulate the memory, the face is cloaked by shadows. The Doctor seems to believe that something is manipulating time to hide Ruby’s mom’s face.


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The Doctor also says that their memory is continually changing, indicating that somebody could be interfering with the past. This points to the idea that Ruby’s mom is capable of manipulating time. She could be a Time Lord or one of the Pantheon, both of whom have the ability to mess with time.

Ruby’s Mother Could Detect Sutekh

Ruby’s Biological Mother Pointed To Sutekh Before The Doctor Knew About the Villain’s Presence

Considering that The Doctor didn’t even realize that Sutekh was aboard the TARDIS, Ruby’s mother seems to have immense power and knowledge about the god of death.

When looking at the memory of Christmas Day 2004, the person beneath the hood turns around and points at the Doctor. This confuses the Doctor because they don’t know why she would be pointing directly at them. However, the end of Doctor Who season 14, episode 7, “The Legend of Ruby Sunday,” seems to indicate that Ruby could detect Sutekh, who was secretly a passenger of the TARDIS.

Considering that The Doctor didn’t even realize that Sutekh was aboard the TARDIS, Ruby’s mother seems to have immense power and knowledge about the god of death. This bolsters the theory that Ruby’s mother is a member of or sexually involved with one of the Pantheon in Doctor Who.

Theory: Ruby’s Mother Is Susan, The Doctor’s Granddaughter

The Doctor’s Granddaughter Could Have Given Birth To Ruby

Carole Ann Ford as Susan Foreman talking to someone in a classroom in Doctor Who.

The BBC show repeatedly hinted that Susan, The Doctor’s granddaughter, would return to the show in season 14, and the most likely candidate was Susan Twist’s Doctor Who character, Susan Triad. After all, the actor, the character, and the Doctor’s granddaughter all share the same name. Now that the character’s true identity has been revealed as Sutekh, it seems logical that Susan is Ruby’s mother.

This would prevent the build-up from being a fakeout. If Susan were Ruby’s mom, the show could bring the beloved character back into the narrative or at least provide some context as to what she’s been doing since her last appearance in Doctor Who. Moreover, if Susan was the woman under the cloak, Ruby would be part Time Lord, which would explain her peculiarities.

Theory: Ruby’s Mother Is Mrs. Flood

Doctor Who Still Hasn’t Answered Who Mrs. Flood Is And Why She Knows So Much About Time Lords

Anita Dobson smiling as Mrs. Flood in Doctor Who

Doctor Who could solve two big mysteries by using one of the biggest theories about the identity of Ruby’s mother. Ruby’s mother could very well be Mrs. Flood. Ruby’s next-door neighbor seems to be especially friendly with the Sundays. She also has a working knowledge of TARDISes and The One Who Waits, indicating that she might be a Time Lord or an alien who has some connection to Gallifrey. If Mrs. Flood was a Time Lord and Ruby’s mom, this would explain Ruby’s strange, missing lineage as well as her ability to produce snow.


Clever Doctor Who Season 14 Line Strongly Hints Mrs. Flood Is A Time Lord

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If Mrs. Flood was Ruby’s mother, the former character’s disappearance during the middle of the 2023 Doctor Who Christmas Special would make sense. Mrs. Flood would theoretically only be there because she’s watching over her biological daughter. If Ruby were taken by the goblins, there would be no reason for Mrs. Flood to live next door to Carla Sunday.

Theory: Ruby’s Mother Is River Song

River Song Could Have Given Birth To Ruby In Another Regeneration

One of the more exciting possibilities for the identity of Ruby’s mom is River Song. River Song has Time Lord DNA which allows her to regenerate, and her extremely confusing timeline makes it possible that River Song could have more than the three known regenerations. If this is the case, the woman could have had a baby either prior to her relationship with the Doctor or with the Doctor without them being aware of this. The latter causes confusion related to why River Song would give up the baby without the Doctor knowing.

In either circumstance, though, River has Time Lord DNA infused with her human DNA, both of which would pass along to her offspring, explaining Ruby’s ability to produce snow and why the DNA scan would identify her as a human. Theoretically, the proto-Time Lord’s child would have a connection to the TARDIS like her mother before since they share the same DNA. Consequently, Ruby would be able to harness the TARDIS’ powers through the mental connection.

Theory: Ruby’s Mother Is A TARDIS

Ruby Could Secretly Be A TARDIS

The TARDIS landing at the UNIT in Doctor Who season 14 episode 7
Image via Disney+

Because TARDISes have a chameleon circuit, the new TARDIS would be able to take on new forms, including a humanoid appearance.

An Outlandish Doctor Who theory, created on r/Gallifrey by the user Trevastation, says that Ruby’s mother is the TARDIS, and the theory has more credence than it seems at first glance. From the very start, the Doctor feels like they have a special connection with Ruby, and they reemphasize this in Doctor Who season 14, episode 3, “Boom,” when they say that Ruby is the only one they can talk to. One explanation for this is Ruby being a foundling, but it’s also possible that the connection between the Doctor and Ruby comes from her TARDIS lineage.

After all, the Third Doctor worked with UNIT, trying to fix the TARDIS in their lab. It’s plausible that UNIT kept experimenting with pieces of the TARDIS, growing a new one in the process. Because TARDISes have a chameleon circuit, the new TARDIS would be able to take on new forms, including a humanoid appearance. The original theory suggests that the new TARDIS had a child with a human, creating Ruby, but it’s also possible that Ruby is the TARDIS itself.


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Alternatively, the TARDIS that turns into or creates Ruby could have been grown by the Meta-Crisis Doctor and Rose Tyler, since the Doctor gives the Meta-Crisis Doctor a piece of TARDIS coral, so they can grow their own. In either circumstance, this would explain why Ruby has TARDIS-like powers to summon things with her mind. It would also explain the connection between the Doctor and Ruby. Moreover, the TARDIS’ chameleon circuit would explain how her DNA came up as a human. Lastly, it could explain why the Ambulance can’t identify her next of kin since TARDISes grow through asexual reproduction.

Theory: Ruby’s Mother’s Identity Doesn’t Matter (But Her Father’s Does)

Ruby Could Be The Daughter Of Sutekh

Susan Twist reaching out as Sutekh's avatar in Doctor Who

The last best theory related to the identity of Ruby’s mother says that the cloaked woman is inconsequential to Ruby’s peculiarities. The woman is just an ordinary woman. However, her father could very well be The One Who Waits, Sutekh. If Ruby was the daughter of Sutekh, Maestro’s fear of the young woman would make a lot more sense. In this circumstance, Ruby would be a familiar relative of Maestro, making her equally powerful.

Moreover, her song would be imbued with the power of the Gods rather than normal music. The possible connection would also explain the snow and the lack of known relatives. DNA tests probably wouldn’t account for the Pantheon. This lineage would also explain why the woman in the memory cries, an unlikely occurrence if her mother was part of the Pantheon. Unfortunately, Doctor Who would be foolish to take this route because it would be underwhelming and sound too much like Rey’s story in Star Wars’Skywalker Saga.

Source: Trevastation

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