xQc Silently Flaunts Luxury Watch in Response to BruceDropEmOff’s Rant

Streaming sensation xQc chose to stay silent but made a bold statement in his response to BruceDropEmOff, who lashed out at him for defending the streaming platform Kick amidst serious allegations from a former employee.

Kick has come under fire following the resignation of an ex-employee who accused the company of maintaining a “hostile” work environment. In the wake of these accusations, xQc — who signed a massive $100 million, non-exclusive contract with Kick in 2023 — stepped up to defend the platform during a live stream.

BruceDropEmOff, another prominent streamer who recently left Kick for Twitch, criticized xQc for his defense of the platform. Bruce didn’t hold back, labeling xQc a “d*ck eater” and the “golden boy” of the streaming world. He also referenced xQc’s “$500K AP,” a luxurious Audemars Piguet watch that xQc flaunted on soci al media about a year ago.

“F*ck you ***, and fck that watch!” Bruce exclaimed passionately. “I don’t give a f*ck!”

During a broadcast on June 20, xQc viewed Bruce’s tirade and responded in his own unique style. Without uttering a word, he played some music and pointed to another high-end watch on his wrist. He further indicated his headphones and his lips, signaling that he had no need to verbalize a comeback to Bruce’s heated outburst.

“Anything else, chat?” xQc nonchalantly asked as he closed the clip, ready to see what other content his viewers wanted him to react to.

Bruce quickly retaliated, showcasing a gold Patek Phillipe watch in a post on X while promoting his Twitch channel. In his own stream, Bruce continued to berate xQc, calling him a “f*cking loser.”

“You moved to Miami to make friends. You’re a fcking loser. It hurts you deep in your heart. …go back to hanging around your OG friends, the friends you used to play Overwatch with, understood? Maybe they don’t fck with you, neither,” Bruce taunted. He further jabbed at xQc’s personal life, referencing his ex-partner Adept and their ongoing legal disputes, claiming, “Adept took all your watches! That fat b*tch took all your watches.”

Bruce’s comments followed his own critique of his time on Kick, describing it as “the worst time” in his streaming career and admitting it made his content “lazy.”

xQc responded to this accusation in a pointed tweet, claiming Bruce had “Never given feedback or criticism, but bad mouth[ed] the product and experience after the fact.”

The controversy surrounding Kick intensified with claims that the platform lowballed a streamer battling cancer, allegedly because “she probably thinks she’s gonna die soon and she’ll want to leave more money for her family.” Many viewers linked this allegation to Kyedae, a well-known broadcaster who publicly fought Leukemia in 2023.

Although xQc contended that Kick had never extended an offer to her, Kyedae confirmed that they had approached her but she declined, stating the platform didn’t align with her moral standards.

This ongoing drama highlights the turbulent landscape of streaming platforms and the fierce loyalty and rivalry among top-tier streamers. As xQc and BruceDropEmOff continue to clash, the streaming community watches closely, awaiting the next development in this unfolding saga.

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