Yobe varsity ASUU rejects students’ loan scheme

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Yobe State University branch, has rejected the introduced students loan scheme initiated by the administration of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu.

Its chairman, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Karage, disclosed this Friday while briefing journalists in Damaturu.

According to him, the students’ loan is an IMF/World bank ideology intended to cripple the future of youths and bastardise the education system.

He said instead of the loan, the government should give students study grants in the same manner ASUU “gives scholarships to students” across the nation.  

“The working class and other masses cannot afford it for now. The general public is living in abject penury which the political class has deliberately subjected us to. The increment in fees has a serious potential of increasing the rate of students dropping out from the university. We are optimistic that the Nigerian government has ample resources to fund education better.

“ASUU’s struggles have been in the best interest of Nigeria and its people, not ASUU members alone. Our union is tired of dwelling on the same number of issues year in and year out, negotiating and renegotiating, and with mutual agreements reached and signed on each occasion, but with the government consistently defaulting on its own terms.

“Our union is in a patriotic struggle to reposition the Nigerian university system. Hence, we are calling on all well-meaning patriotic Nigerians, the media, labour movement, students’ organisations, and the civil society to join forces with ASUU in the rejection of the government’s master-slave posture on labour matters and unionism,” he said.

A student from the department of law, Almahdi Mohammed, when asked for his view, said it was better to give students scholarships than “putting them on a loan that is difficult for them to repay.”

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