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You Already Know The First Name Who Should Be Cast In Miles Morales (& It's Not Spider-Man Himself)


  • Donald Glover inspired Miles Morales and appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • Glover may join the Miles Morales movie, connecting universes.
  • There are several ways that Donald Glover could be used in the upcoming Miles Morales live-action movie.

For years, conversations about when a live-action Miles Morales Spider-Man movie would be made, but now that the movie is confirmed to be on the way, one pivotal actor needs to be cast in the project. Sony has had incredible success with their animated Spider-Verse movies, but their live-action superhero pictures have fared significantly less well. Despite introducing a growing cast of characters from the Spider-Man comics, the live-action films have yet to include, or even officially cast a Spider-Man for their universe.

While rumors have swirled regarding every possibility, from Tom Holland joining the Sonyverse, to Andrew Garfield returning, there has been some confirmation regarding Miles Morales joining the live-action films as Sony’s flagship Web-Slinger. But, before Miles makes his big debut, there is another actor who is integrally tied to the character that needs to be cast in an adjacent role.


The MCU Needs To Introduce Miles Morales Without Killing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Tom Holland is willing to quit playing Spider-Man in order to introduce Miles Morales to the MCU, but Peter Parker needs to survive.

Donald Glover’s History With Miles Morales Makes Him An Essential Casting

Glover Deserves A Spot In The Cast

Donald Glover is an incredibly talented performer who found success writing comedy for SNL alum Tina Fey’s 30 Rock when he was just 23. He also starred in the hit comedy series Community, where he rose to new levels of fame and began sowing seeds that would later inspire the creation of Miles Morales. He then continued to grow in popularity as he established a successful career as a musician under the stage name Childish Gambino and created and starred in hit shows like Atlanta. All round, Glover has proven his talent and versatility.

However, as briefly mentioned above, Glover is also closely tied to Miles Morales due to being the literal inspiration for Miles in the first place. Glover pushed hard to be cast to play Spider-Man around the time that The Amazing Spider-Man movie was in production. He ran a vocal campaign on X, formerly Twitter, and included scenes in Community in Spider-Man pajamas to further push the idea of him in the role. While he was unsuccessful in landing the role, Brian Michael Bendis, the legendary comic writer, created the character of Miles Morales based on Glover (via Collider).

The MCU Has Already Set Up Glover’s Miles Morales Role

There Are Several Roles He Could Tackle

As a way of referencing the character, Donald Glover was also cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming as an illegal weapons dealer named Aaron Davies. During this brief cameo role, Glover’s character references his nephew, which is a clear Easter Egg indicating Miles Morales exists in the MCU. Uncle Aaron is the brother of Miles’ dad in the comics and films, and Glover’s inclusion in the role was a master stroke. However, uncle Aaron also has a secret identity as the villain, Prowler.

Glover is also closely tied to Miles Morales due to being the literal inspiration for Miles in the first place.

Glover could be cast in a similar role in a dedicated Miles Morales live-action movie. Even if he is cast in an upcoming Sonyverse movie, alongside other villains, he could become another actor who crosses between the two universes, as did Michael Keaton’s Vulture, and Tom Hardy’s Venom. Both of these characters made a brief cameo appearance in one universe while having a larger role in the other, and the same could happen for Donald Glover in the live-action Miles Morales project.

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