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10 Most Exciting Things To Expect From Percy Jackson Season 2


  • Fans can expect to see more of Camp Half-Blood, new characters and relationships, and the continuation of Percy’s journey in
    Percy Jackson
    season 2.
  • Percy and Clarisse’s relationship evolves into a respectful friendly rivalry in
    Sea of Monsters
  • Season 1 showed a number of things happening at Camp Half-Blood, but season 2 can introduce more supporting characters and activities like chariot racing.

The second season of Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV show reboot promises to include many more exciting characters, arcs, and events from Rick Riordan’s bestselling urban fantasy series. The first season has proven to be a successful adaptation of The Lightning Thief, Riordan’s first Percy Jackson book, following Percy (Walker Scobell), Annabeth (Leah Sava Jeffries), and Grover’s (Aryan Simhadri) quest to retrieve Zeus’ (Lance Reddick) stolen Master Bolt and return it. Likewise, Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 2 will be based on book two, The Sea of Monsters.

This novel follows Percy, Annabeth, and Grover, along with Clarisse (Dior Goodjohn) and Percy’s newfound half-brother Tyson on a new mission to find the Golden Fleece in time to save Camp Half-Blood. The demigods come across new terrifying monsters and mysterious characters from Greek mythology, which prompts them to further ponder their roles as the descendants of the Greek gods. People are still wondering whether Annabeth’s mother Athena will appear in Percy Jackson season 2; she is not in the book, making this plot point uncertain. However, many other gods and monsters await the heroes in this next adventure.


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10 Percy Being More Confident Fighting Monsters

Percy Gets More Confident In His Abilities As He Faces More Monsters

In The Lightning Thief, Percy is unexpectedly thrown into the dangerous reality of being a Greek demigod. Understandably, it takes him a minute to find his footing, even if he does adapt quickly enough to soon lead a successful quest. However, the show demonstrates how Percy is a little unsure of himself at the beginning, trying out different activities at Camp Half-Blood and failing at most of them. When Percy the next summer, he already has the lay of the land.

In his first-person narration, Percy assumes a voice of sarcastic confidence, talking about how things are for demigods like he is an expert. Meanwhile, Percy faces any monster that comes his way head-on, and has become regarded as one of the best heroes at camp due to the success of his first quest. Hopefully, season 2 and Scobell will be able to illustrate how Percy is becoming more accustomed to fighting monsters and managing the fallouts of the gods’ decisions — for better or for worse.

9 The Main Characters Working With Clarisse

Clarisse’s Relationships With Percy & His Friends Change In Sea Of Monsters

Clarisse is technically assigned the quest to find the Golden Fleece to heal Thalia’s tree before it dies and the wards around Camp Half-Blood fail. Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson then decide they will not be sidelined and leave camp on their own, meeting up with Clarisse again later. Clarisse is the camp bully, who jumps at every chance to make Percy’s life miserable when he first arrives. However, Percy realizes that things aren’t so easy for Clarisse in Sea of Monsters, and they come to at least respect each other.

Percy and Clarisse have more of a friendly rivalry relationship after this event.

Clarisse is under a lot of pressure from her father Ares (Adam Copeland) to succeed. Percy correctly interprets Clarisse’s prophecy and sends her back to camp with the Fleece on her own, allowing her most of the glory for the successful quest. Percy and Clarisse have more of a friendly rivalry relationship after this event. They do not necessarily like each other, but they recognize that each is a skilled warrior and that they will need each other for future battles.

8 More Aspects Of Camp Half-Blood

There Are Many More Demigods & Activities To Introduce At Camp Half-Blood

Percy Jackson season 1 actually shows a surprising number of things happening at Camp Half-Blood, given the time constraints. Viewers with no knowledge of the books are shown the forges and archery training, while some briefly-seen signs highlight other places. Relatively few demigods are introduced, as the story needs to establish who Annabeth, Clarisse, and Luke (Charlie Bushnell) are for the rest of the season’s plot to work. However, with the burden of introductory exposition gone, season 2 has the chance to show more of camp during the couple of episodes taking place there.

There are a lot of supporting Riordanverse characters who could make their first appearances in season 2, including Silena Beauregard, Charles Beckendorf, Will Solace, and Travis and Connor Stoll. Meanwhile, some thrilling if dangerous camp activities have yet to be seen. For instance, the interim activities director Tantalus re-institutes deadly chariot racing, which the camp surprisingly keeps doing after he leaves. The show is unlikely to pass over this plot element when it will make for quite a spectacle.

7 Blackbeard, Son Of Ares

Blackbeard Leads A Bizarre Charge In Sea Of Monsters

Percy and Annabeth have a run-in with Circe in the Sea of Monsters, and discover that centuries earlier, she captured the historical pirate Blackbeard (a son of Ares in this universe) and his crew, turning them all into guinea pigs. Annabeth unintentionally frees them all, and Blackbeard leads his crew to reclaim his ship. It is a crazy, laugh-out-loud moment characteristic of the Percy Jackson series that needs to be done right in the show, which will largely depend on finding the right actor to play Blackbeard.

Additionally, Blackbeard is representative of an aspect of Percy Jackson that has yet to be fully addressed in the show, where the story claims a lot of historical figures as the children of the Greek gods. The names the books drop in the same context range from former presidents to rock stars. Disney has done well with bringing to life the wackier parts of Percy Jackson and will need to consider what route to take with the books’ sometimes comedic approach to history.

6 Everything Blackjack Says

Percy’s Loyal Friend Blackjack Is One Of The Funniest Parts Of The Series

Percy’s adventures in the Sea of Monsters include finding himself on board the Princess Andromeda, the ship commanded by Luke and other rebelling demigods. There they realize Luke has captured some mythical creatures, including a wise-cracking pegasus called Blackjack. In the ensuing fight, Percy frees Blackjack, who then choses Percy as his rider. After this action-packed introduction, Blackjack becomes one of the best recurring gags of the series. In years to come, Blackjack is always there to help Percy and annoy him.

Percy can telepathically communicate with Blackjack as a byproduct of being a son of Poseidon (Toby Stephens), who created horses in Greek mythology. Percy can also now make the very cool entrance of riding a black pegasus into any battle. Blackjack’s introduction in season 2 needs to be hilarious enough to live up to everyone’s expectations of the character, and could be the amusing way to establish that Percy can communicate with horse-like creatures, a moment which was cut from season 1.


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5 The Demigods Fighting Polyphemus

Percy & His Friends Meet A Legendary Character From The Odyssey

The Golden Fleece that the main characters need is guarded by Polyphemus, the cyclops Odysseus blinds in The Odyssey. Polyphemus has never been the smartest character in Greek mythology, and his defeat is typically due to the hero in question misleading him with some simple tricks. Percy and the rest collectively take on Polyphemus and retrieve the Fleece using the different skills at their disposal: coming up with lies on the spot, a knowledge of Greek mythology, and Annabeth’s invisibility Yankees baseball cap.

Annabeth follows in Odysseus’ footsteps by introducing herself as “Nobody” and distracting Polyphemus while invisible. However, Percy decides not to kill Polyphemus because he is also a son of Poseidon, something he has been forced to reflect upon as of late since Tyson came into his life. Therefore, there are a lot of funny and serious moments to look forward to in season 2 with Polyphemus joining the cast.

4 Annabeth & Circe’s Conversation

Circe Will Build Upon What Medusa Reveals About Women In Greek Mythology

Before Blackbeard turns the situation upside down, some interesting conversation takes place at “C.C.’s Spa.” Once Annabeth realizes that Circe has turned Percy into a guinea pig, Circe tries to sway Annabeth to her side. She cites that few female demigods are remembered for their deeds, arguing that Annabeth is better off taking power for herself. Interestingly, the show already includes a thematically similar conversation in a place where it did not happen in the book.

When Percy, Annabeth, and Grover meet Medusa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) in season 1, she tells them of how she was a devout follower of the gods, but was abused and betrayed by both Poseidon and Athena. The scene between Annabeth and Circe is already compelling in the book,but its potential in the show is even greater because of how it may allude to what was already said by Medusa. Circe also presents a casting challenge for the show, but the results will hopefully elevate the season.

3 Percy & Tyson’s Relationship Arc

Percy Meets His Cyclops Brother In Sea Of Monsters

Percy meets Tyson as his new school in the mortal world, not realizing that Tyson is a cyclops or that he is Percy’s half-brother. When Percy and Tyson make it back to Camp Half-Blood, their dynamic becomes tense when Percy is mocked for his relationship with Tyson. Annabeth is also hostile towards Tyson because Thalia was killed by a cyclops. Meanwhile, Tyson is completely innocent and only wants to help Percy in any way possible.

Although Tyson is a straightforward character, he brings a lot of complicated subplots into Sea of Monsters.

Percy and Annabeth harshly realize that they were unfair to Tyson when they believe he was killed in an explosion. However, Tyson returns later, prompting Percy to be a better friend and brother. Although Tyson is a straightforward character, he brings a lot of complicated subplots into Sea of Monsters. Tyson’s presence affects Percy’s opinion of himself and his relationships with Annabeth and Poseidon, as well as his perspective on some of the monsters from Greek mythology. Fans have all this weighty writing to look forward to next season — but also just some adorable moments between Percy and Tyson.

2 Scylla & Charybdis

Percy And His Friends Must Find Away Around Two Terrifying Monsters

Some unfortunate voyagers in Greek mythology were faced with the challenge of sailing the narrow straight between Scylla and Charybdis, two massive monsters who each mean almost certain death. Percy and his friends come across Scylla and Charybdis while on board Clarisse’s ship, the CSS Birmingham. In typical Percy Jackson fashion, they manage to survive because Percy pokes Scylla in the eye and the ship blows up.

The Scylla and Charybdis sequence poses one of the biggest production segments yet for the Percy Jackson show, as both monsters demand a lot of CGI. The scene is also much more serious in tone than some other moments in the series, as the circumstances demand that all the demigods be completely focused on not dying. It promises to be a new epic action sequence that takes the story above and beyond the spectacle of The Lightning Thief.


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1 An Explanation Of The Great Prophecy

Percy’s Role In Olympus’ Future Has Yet To Be Discussed

While season 1 establishes that the “Big Three” gods are not supposed to have children, it does not explain the Great Prophecy, as it is not explained in The Lightning Thief. However, in Sea of Monsters, Annabeth reveals the truth to Percy: A prophecy foretells that a child of Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades (Jay Duplass) will either destroy or preserve Olympus. This completely changes Percy’s arc, as he is now aware that many of the gods view him as a deadly threat, and is therefore one of the storylines Percy Jackson must cover in season 2.

When Annabeth tells Percy this, he is the only known child of one of these gods to whom the prophecy could refer. However, the introduction of new characters complicates matters, creating tense politics among the Olympians and their offspring while they try to hold together alliances in the face of an oncoming war. This is the plot point with the biggest overall story implications that fans can expect to see in Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 2.

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