Any Gov’t That Can’t Secure Citizens Has No Business In Office — Wike

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Nyesom Wike, declared on Friday that any government that cannot secure lives and property has no business in governance.

Wike stated this while overseeing the distribution of 50 operational vehicles to various security agencies in Abuja.

During the event held at Area 11, Wike stressed the importance of security in governance: “We are no longer talking about infrastructure, we are no longer talking about the development of the area councils. We are now talking about the key factor, the key agenda, and that has to do with security.”

Speaking further on Bola Tinubu administration’s commitment to public safety, Wike continued, “One of the key priorities of Mr. President is the security of life and property. Any government that cannot secure lives and property has no business in governance and so, it’s a priority for Mr. President that Nigerians are secured.”

He added, “…it is not the responsibility of Mr. President to go and identify where the criminals are. It is not my responsibility to go and engage the criminals but it is our responsibility to provide the dog for the security agencies to confront these criminals and make sure we sleep with our two eyes closed.”

Wike warned against the misuse of the newly provided vehicles, drawing from his past experiences as a governor.

“I want to appeal to our security agents, you must use these tools for the benefit of our society. It’s very very key. I was a governor anf I know how many times I provided some of these logistics and vehicles, and then within two months you can not account for it, that’s unfair.

“It is not for you to use as a private vehicle because it is air-conditioned then you use it to carry your wives instead of it to be used for the purpose for which it was provided. I’m saying this with a lot of experience. You go to the CP’s house three are packed there. It’s not necessary.

“You go to NSCDC CG’s, two are packed there, for what? When he goes to church or the Mosque he drives it. It’s not for that purpose, these vehicles are to be used both in the rural areas and in the city so that these criminals will know that we are battle-ready for them,” he said.

Wike commended the security agencies, saying “You are doing a wonderful job as far as the city is concerned but our efforts must be taken to rural areas because they’ve been hijacked, let it not be that the people will not feel the presence of this vehicle. Those criminals are watching us now. Let us tell them that yesterday you escaped but today you are likely not to escape. Let them know that you are serious.

“With what you have done in FCT by reducing the number of crimes, we commend you. Some people will not commend you; they will never see anything good, which is their nature. Don’t relent, we are here to give you support. On behalf of Mr. President, I want to sincerely say that whatever the security agencies need for them to combat crime, we are ready to give.”

The minister called for public support of security agencies, noting their often-unrecognized successes in preventing crimes. He urged citizens to “continue to support them, and pray for them, they are also humans, and they have families.”

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