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Bad Boys 4 Box Office Darts Past Massive Global Milestone


  • Bad Boys: Ride or Die
    surpasses $360 million at the global box office.
  • The franchise’s ability to reinvent itself while still feeling familiar attracts audiences worldwide.
  • There is potential for
    Bad Boys 5
    as the series continues to thrive.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die has passed an important global box office milestone. The Bad Boys franchise began with the original movie of the same name in 1995, directed by Michael Bay, which starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the lead roles of Miami PD narcotics detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. The original movie was a box office hit, grossing over $141 million against a production budget of around $20 million, and spawned two commercially successful sequels before Ride or Die hit screens earlier this year.

The movie has received mixed reviews but has had a strong run at the box office, and is continuing to pass important milestones both domestically and abroad. According to Deadline, Bad Boys: Ride or Die has taken another $8.2 million from 66 foreign markets, making for a total foreign cume of around $182.8 million, and a global box office total of $360.2 million. It appears that Saudi Arabia is still the leading foreign market, with a gross of $20.5 million, with Mexico coming close behind at $14.9 million, and the UK ranking third at $14 million.

What Has Made Bad Boys 4 So Successful At The Box Office?

The Bad Boys Franchise Brings Familiarity While Reinventing Itself

Bad Boys 4 continues to make some waves at the global box office, showing that the franchise still strikes a chord with viewers. The movie could continue to bring in more revenue over the coming weeks. The success of the movie, both domestically and internationally, most likely has a lot to do with the comedy, action, and familiarity that it provides to audiences, as well as Smith’s continued presence as a leading man. Additionally, the Bad Boys: Ride or Die ending allows for a continuation of the franchise, prompting extra excitement.

Hollywood is falling back on familiar territory when it comes to franchises in recent years, and this is one of the things that makes Bad Boys: Ride or Die such a popular vehicle with audiences. The Bad Boys franchise is one that has managed to reinvent itself, with Bay helming the first two installments and Adil & Bilall taking over the two most recent movies. The evolution of the series is clear to see in Ride or Die, which takes on a more serialized storyline that picks up from the third movie.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die
follows Lowrey and Burnett as they attempt to clear the name of their late Captain Howard.

The success of the movie could lead to Bad Boys 5 getting the green light, and thus more opportunities for the movies to reinvent themselves and focus on a range of different plot points. It’s unclear how long Bad Boys: Ride or Die will remain in theaters, but the fact it continues to be successful bodes well for the overall gross. It’s unlikely to beat Bad Boys for Life‘s total of $426.5 million, but Bad Boys 4 should maintain a strong run in the coming weeks, which is good news for the franchise.

Source: Deadline

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