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Beverly Hills Cop 5: Will It Happen? Everything We Know


  • Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, with potential for a sequel, Beverly Hills Cop 5.
  • Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Murphy confirm plans for a fifth film, but its official status depends on the success of Axel F.
  • The cast of Beverly Hills: Axel F brought back many classic stars, and if a fifth film happens, Eddie Murphy and Taylour Paige are expected to return.

Legendary funnyman Eddie Murphy returned to his signature role as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, but will he return again in Beverly Hills Cop 5? The beloved action comedy franchise launched in 1984 with the release of the eponymous film, and concerns a street-wise Detroit police officer who gets drawn into a massive case while in the ritzy Los Angeles suburb of Beverly Hills. The first film was an instant blockbuster and helped rocket Murphy to movie stardom after being mostly known for his tenure on SNL and his standup comedy career.

Though Murphy has criticized the Beverly Hills Cop sequels, the franchise was a certified moneymaker, and even the poorly-received threequel made considerable money. Despite this, the series went dormant for 30 years until the release of the 2024 legacy sequel, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F. The fourth film catches up with Axel who is still up to his old antics, but the aging cop also has familial responsibilities to consider. This sets the stage for a new era of the Axel Foley character, and the overwhelming popularity of Murphy and the franchise makes Beverly Hills Cop 5 a distinct possibility.


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Beverly Hills Cop 5 Latest News

Jerry Bruckheimer Teases Another Sequel

Axel and Billy in a car in Beverly Hills Cop Axel F

Even before the release of Axel F, the latest news sees legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer tease ideas for Beverly Hills Cop 5. While discussing Axel Foley’s newest cinematic adventure for Netflix, Bruckheimer and star Eddie Murphy spoke candidly to Variety about the chances of another Beverly Hills Cop movie. Outright admitting that work is being done on a sequel, Murphy admitted “They’re developing it. If it comes together, we’ll be doing another one. Bruckheimer concurred, simply stating “We have a couple of stories in mind.

Beverly Hills Cop 5 Is Not Confirmed

The Project Isn’t Official Yet

Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) pointing a gun in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F
Image via Netflix

Netflix typically plays pretty close to the vest when it comes to their streaming data, so it’s unclear exactly how many viewers
Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F
will need to pull to be considered “profitable”.

Though producer Jerry Bruckheimer and star Eddie Murphy have confirmed that plans are in place for Beverly Hills Cop 5, the project isn’t official yet. This is likely due to the tremendous investment that Netflix made to produce Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, and the streamer probably won’t green-light a sequel until the fourth movie proves to be a resounding success. Unlike previous installments in the series, however, Axel F won’t be dependent on box office figures, but instead on long-term viewership numbers.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F
had a reported budget of $150 million.

Netflix typically plays pretty close to the vest when it comes to their streaming data, so it’s unclear exactly how many viewers Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F will need to pull to be considered “profitable”. On the other hand, the draw of the popular ’80s and ’90s franchise is probably going to be huge, and the star power of Eddie Murphy along will likely carry the fourth movie into the top of Netflix’s charts for a long time.

Beverly Hills Cop 5 Cast

Will Eddie Murphy Return As Axel Foley?

One of the most appealing aspects of Netflix’s fourth film in the franchise is that the cast of Beverly Hills: Axel F brought back many of the classic stars to reprise their roles. If Beverly Hills Cop 5 happens, that trend may continue, or it could narrow its focus and rely less on legacy characters in general. With that said, Eddie Murphy will almost certainly return as savvy Detroit cop Axel Foley, and it’s likely that Taylour Paige will reprise her role as Axel’s estranged daughter Jane. The family dynamic between the two is a stunning new addition to the franchise, and opens doors for story possibilities.

The returns of legacy characters like Paul Reiser’s Jeffrey Friedman and Judge Reinhold’s Lieutenant William “Billy” Rosewood are difficult to predict, but comic Bronson Pinchot’s comic relief character Serge could also make another cameo. One character who will likely carry over is Axel’s newest partner, Detective Bobby Abbott (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and their hilarious rapport helped carry Axel F.

The presumptive cast of Beverly Hills Cop 5 includes:


Beverly Hills Cop Role

Eddie Murphy

Axel Foley

Eddie Murphy rides in a car with his sunglasses on in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F still

Taylour Paige

Jane Saunders

Taylour Paige as Jane Foley in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Detective Bobby Abbott

 Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Detective Bobby Abbott in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F

Beverly Hills Cop 5 Story Details

Nothing Is Known About The Movie’s Plot Yet

Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) and Jane Saunders (Taylour Paige) walking outside the precinct in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F
Image via Netflix

Considering Jerry Bruckheimer’s recent comments about another sequel, it’s clear that ideas are being floated around concerning Beverly Hills Cop 5, but those ideas aren’t set in stone yet. Another sequel could go in any direction after Axel F, and the rekindled relationships between Axel and Jane, and Jane and Bobby could make for compelling storylines. Axel’s trips to Beverly Hills are now much more motivated by his daughter’s presence there, and it’s only a matter of time before he stumbles upon his next, and perhaps final, huge case.

Beverly Hills Cop Franchise Poster

Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop is an action-comedy movie franchise that stars Eddie Murphy as a Detroit cop named Axel Foley who heads to Beverly Hills, California, to investigate the death of his best friend. Foley, a street-smart and intense officer, is constantly observed and (sometimes) reigned in with the help of Billy Rosewood and John Taggart, two other detectives from his department. A fourth film titled Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley 

Created by
Danilo Bach , Daniel Petrie, Jr.

Eddie Murphy , Judge Reinhold , John Ashton , Jurgen Prochnow , Brigitte Nielsen , Hector Elizondo , Allen Garfield

Axel Foley , Billy Rosewood , John Taggart , Harold Lutz , Maxwell Dent , Karla Fry , Jon Flint

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