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Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F's Happy Gilmore Cameo Explained By Director


  • Christopher McDonald’s cameo in
    Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F
    was a fun decision by the director, unrelated to
    Happy Gilmore 2.
  • The possibility of Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley making a cameo in
    Happy Gilmore 2
    could draw attention to both franchises.
  • Both franchises being produced by Netflix may lead to crossover opportunities and reciprocal nods for fans.

Mark Molloy, director of Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, explains the comedy sequel’s unexpected cameo from Happy Gilmore star Christopher McDonald. While the latest entry in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise featured the return of several original stars alongside series lead Eddie Murphy, viewers were stunned to discover that the new sequel also featured a brief appearance from McDonald, best known for his role as Shooter McGavin. Following a hilarious helicopter chase sequence, Murphy’s Axel Foley and Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Detective Abbott encounter McDonald’s unnamed character on a golf course.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Molloy explained McDonald’s presence in the latest Beverly Hills Cop sequel, saying that he wanted a “great cameo” for the golfer role. Admitting that he was unaware that Netflix was also moving forward with Happy Gilmore 2, the director insisted that the decision was solely due to him “wanting to have some fun.” Check out his comments below:

I had no idea that they were making Happy Gilmore 2. I was talking with Mary Vernieu, our casting director, about the golfer role that we knew we had, and I said, “I’d love a great cameo.” So we started talking about it, and then we were like, “Christopher McDonald!? Oh, yes! That would be amazing.” And fans love it. I’ve heard the reaction when people see Chris come on the screen, and it’s just a really fun cameo. So there’s no bigger story behind it, apart from me wanting to have some fun.

Could Eddie Murphy Return The Favor For Happy Gilmore 2?

Axel Foley Showing Up In Happy Gilmore 2 Would Be A Fun Continuation

While McDonald’s character in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F is never explicitly stated, and is only officially credited as an unnamed “Golfer,” many have assumed that the actor is indeed playing his iconic Happy Gilmore villain. Even though Molloy is adamant that his decision to cast the actor behind Shooter McGavin was in no way related to his potential return in Happy Gilmore 2, the timing is somewhat fortuitous and only serves to place more attention on the highly anticipated Adam Sandler sequel.

With the original Happy Gilmore featuring its fair share of high-profile cameos, including the late Bob Barker and sportscaster Verne Lundquist, it is likely that the forthcoming sequel will also feature similar appearances from well-known figures. Yet with both Happy Gilmore 2 and Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F both being produced by Netflix, it is possible the streaming giant may wish to see the two franchises cross over once again, and have Murphy return the favorby making his own cameo appearance.

Though it is unlikely that Axel Foley could actually appear as a character in Happy Gilmore 2, having Murphy briefly appear as an unnamed police detective would be a fun reciprocal nod for many fans. Moreover, it would also likely draw more attention back onto McDonald’s recent cameo and Murphy’s plans to continue the franchise with a fifth Beverly Hills Cop movie. With any luck, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F will not be the last time Axel Foley and Shooter McGavin cross paths.

Source: THR

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