Bhad Bhabie Shares Disturbing Footage of Alleged Abuse by Former Partner

Rapper Bhad Bhabie, born Danielle Bregoli, recently released alarming video evidence that purportedly depicts her being assaulted by her estranged boyfriend and the father of her child, Le Vaughn. In addition to the footage, she posted several photos of her injuries on her Instagram Stories, claiming that Le Vaughn is seeking custody of their daughter. Although these stories were later deleted, Bhad Bhabie’s current post confirms that she and Le Vaughn ended their relationship in May.

On Sunday, Bhad Bhabie, now 21, shared a series of images on her Instagram Story showcasing a severely bruised eye and other injuries. She accused Le Vaughn, also known as LV, of inflicting these injuries. In one of her posts, she stated that he is attempting to gain custody of their daughter. Shortly after, she removed these stories from her account.

Bhad Bhabie, who rose to fame after her viral appearance on Dr. Phil, announced she was expecting her first child with Le Vaughn on December 1, 2023. The couple, who had been together since 2020, welcomed their daughter, Kali Love, in March 2024. However, Bhad Bhabie revealed that their relationship ended in May 2024.

In the most shocking revelation, Bhad Bhabie posted a 20-second clip from a security camera, recorded outside a home at 4:30 AM on June 30. The footage shows a man, identified by Bhad Bhabie as Le Vaughn, repeatedly throwing her to the ground. Alongside the video, she wrote, “This man thinks he’s gonna take my daughter from me! Say whatever you want, trying to take my baby is crazy.”

Further posts depicted graphic images of Bhad Bhabie’s injuries, including a nearly swollen-shut eye and visible scratches. Although she has since deleted these stories, the footage and images have been widely circulated on X (formerly Twitter), with many viewers calling for an investigation into Le Vaughn’s actions.

“I hope he is held accountable,” one user wrote, while others condemned Le Vaughn’s behavior as “vile” and “disgusting.” Several users also urged Bhad Bhabie to obtain a restraining order to protect herself and her daughter, Kali.

Despite the gravity of the allegations, Bhad Bhabie has not made further public comments about the abuse claims. Instead, she posted a cryptic message on her Instagram Story that read, “I used to tolerate a lot because I didn’t want to lose people, but now I realize those aren’t my people.”

This incident is not the first time Bhad Bhabie has spoken out against alleged abusers. Previously, she has expressed living in fear of her mother and criticized the Turn-About Ranch, a facility she was sent to by Dr. Phil, for its alleged abusive practices.

Little is known about Le Vaughn, Bhad Bhabie’s former partner. The couple had been dating since July 2020, and he appeared in several of her videos. Despite their public relationship and social media presence, details about Le Vaughn’s personal life and background remain sparse, as he has generally stayed out of the public eye. The couple’s daughter, Kali Love, was born earlier this year.

The disturbing allegations and footage shared by Bhad Bhabie have sparked significant concern and calls for justice from her fans and followers.

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