Biden Attributes Poor Debate Performance To Jet Lag

United States President Joe Biden has attributed his sub-par performance in last week’s debate to jet lag, following his recent international trips.

The President had traveled to France and Italy in the two weeks leading up to the debate, crossing multiple time zones.

“I didn’t think it was smart to travel across 100 time zones and then get off a plane and debate. I think that affected my performance.

“Didn’t listen to my staff and came back and nearly fell asleep on stage. That’s no excuse but it is an explanation,” President Biden said in a statement.

Biden’s campaign has been working to alleviate concerns about his age and health, but the debate performance has raised fresh questions about his ability to campaign for a second term.

Despite this, the US President remains confident in his ability to connect with voters and push forward his policy agenda.

Sources close to the President say he is feeling refreshed and ready to get back on the campaign trail.

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