Boogie2988 Apologizes for Cryptocurrency Scam Controversy, Vows to Help Affected Fans

Steven Jay Williams, better known as Boogie2988, recently issued a heartfelt apology following allegations of his involvement in a cryptocurrency scam. The YouTuber, who promoted the controversial Faddy Coin, has vowed to assist those who lost money due to his endorsement.

The controversy began on June 27, 2024, when Boogie2988 promoted a new cryptocurrency organization called ‘’ and launched Faddy Coin on his social media account. However, the very next day, content creator Coffeezilla, known for exposing online scams, released a video accusing Boogie2988 of being part of a scam as Faddy Coin’s value plummeted by 90%.

Faced with mounting criticism, Boogie2988 took to his X account on July 2, 2024, to issue a formal apology. In his post, he expressed regret for his actions and promised to make amends. “If any fan comes forward and can show me they lost money on that coin, I will gladly apologize to them,” he wrote. “I will try to do more than just apologize and see what else I can do to make you whole.”

The YouTuber claimed he had deleted all the Faddy Coins he owned, aiming to prove he had no intention of profiting from the venture. “I had every coin I owned deleted from the internet and burnt. I proved this to Mutahar and Coffee, and you can see that publicly,” he stated. “I did not wish to profit from selling this coin and I never did. And if anyone actually lost money on this sh*t I am genuinely sorry.”

Boogie2988 encouraged those affected by the scam to reach out for assistance. “Come forward, show our devs the wallet and transactions, and we will do what we can to make you whole,” he urged.

Reflecting on the incident, Boogie2988 acknowledged his responsibility and credited Coffeezilla for helping him understand the gravity of his actions. “Coffee has explained to me in depth why he believes that was wrong, and I understand,” Boogie2988 admitted. “It’s why I deleted all videos and tweets, deleted my coins, and agreed with him not to promote it.”

Cryptocurrency scams have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, with many online personalities facing backlash for endorsing dubious projects and then abandoning them after raising significant funds from their followers. Coffeezilla, who played a significant role in exposing Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo controversy, was instrumental in bringing the Faddy Coin scam to light, prompting Boogie2988 to address the issue publicly.

Despite his initial defensive stance, Boogie2988’s latest apology demonstrates a more compassionate approach toward those affected. He has taken steps to rectify the situation by deleting his Faddy Coins and pledging to assist his fans who suffered financial losses.

The fallout from the Faddy Coin scam serves as a cautionary tale about the risks of cryptocurrency investments and the importance of accountability among influencers. Boogie2988’s commitment to making amends is a step in the right direction, but it remains to be seen how effectively he can help those who were financially impacted by the scam.

As the situation unfolds, Boogie2988’s fans and followers will be watching closely to see if his actions match his words. The YouTuber’s willingness to take responsibility and seek redemption may provide a path forward for others in the digital influencer space who find themselves in similar situations. For now, Boogie2988 is focused on making things right and rebuilding trust with his community.

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