BruceDropEmOff Accuses Sketch of Faking Disability, Sketch Denies Claims

Twitch streamer Bruce “BruceDropEmOff” is no stranger to controversy. Known for his polarizing statements, Bruce has faced multiple suspensions on the platform for his remarks. Recently, he sparked yet another controversy, this time targeting fellow Twitch streamer Kylie “TheSketchReal,” commonly known as “Sketch.”

The incident unfolded when Sketch reacted to a chaotic stream on Kai Cenat’s Twitch channel, where Kai ignited what appeared to be hundreds of fireworks inside his room. The spectacle left Sketch astounded, prompting him to comment, “HAHAHAHA INSANE.”

However, BruceDropEmOff responded with a contentious statement, alleging that Sketch was “faking” having a mental or intellectual disorder. Using his alt account @fentanyl, BruceDropEmOff wrote, “Why did you fake being a r*tard?” This remark quickly drew backlash from the Twitch community and beyond.

Despite BruceDropEmOff’s baseless accusations, Sketch has previously addressed speculations about his mental health. During an appearance on Bradley Martyn’s Raw Talk Podcast on April 2, 2024, YouTuber and bodybuilder Bradley Martyn asked Sketch directly if he had any condition. Sketch responded by unequivocally denying having any mental or physical disorder.

“No, I don’t have any condition. So when people start labels and names out there, I don’t put a label on it. I’m just having fun with it. The hand movements and motions and stuff, that’s just me getting energy out type sh*t,” Sketch explained.

Sketch did, however, acknowledge having a sort of “tick,” which involves making certain hand movements when he gets excited. “My good friends and family know that I do stuff with my fingers when I get excited. When I’m alone, I’ll be ripping it,” he demonstrated with a gesture. He clarified that it was not related to Tourettes or any similar condition.

BruceDropEmOff’s unfounded allegations highlight the ongoing issues within the Twitch community regarding respect and understanding of mental health. His comment not only misrepresents Sketch’s behavior but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes about mental and intellectual disabilities.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible and respectful communication within the online streaming community. Streamers with large followings, like BruceDropEmOff, wield significant influence, and their statements can have profound impacts on their audience and fellow streamers.

Sketch’s open and candid discussion on the Raw Talk Podcast underscores the need for more informed conversations about mental health and the experiences of those in the public eye. His transparency about his hand movements and the reasons behind them provide clarity and counteract the misinformation spread by BruceDropEmOff.

As Twitch continues to grow as a platform, fostering a respectful and supportive community is crucial. Incidents like these highlight the ongoing challenges but also provide opportunities for education and improvement in how streamers and their audiences engage with one another.

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