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Cobra Kai Just Set Up 3 Massive Rematches Before The Show Ends


  • Cobra Kai season 6 trailer sets up intense rematches between rival characters.
  • Miguel and Robby, as well as Tory and Sam, face off in in preparation for the Sekai Taikai tournament.
  • Daniel and Johnny’s partnership deteriorates, hinting at a final showdown.

The trailer for Cobra Kai season 6 is already setting up some exciting rematches, setting the stage for the show’s biggest rivalries to continue. This is the final season of the hit Netflix series, which means the last chance for everyone to get their punches in. Of course, previous seasons of Cobra Kai seemed to settle the conflicts between the central characters, leaving little to explore in season 6. Still, based on the sneak peek of the coming episodes, these old wounds are about to crack back open.

We’ve been through a lot to get to this point, but now we’re finally on the same page“—these are the words spoken by Daniel LaRusso at the start of the Cobra Kai season 6 trailer, emphasizing the fact that all the old rivalries that carried the pot throughout the series have been brought to a peaceful close. However, as the trailer progresses, it slowly becomes clear that this isn’t entirely true. Three of Cobra Kai‘s biggest rivalries are reignited, clip by clip, indicating some badass rematches coming audiences’ way in this final season.


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Cobra Kai Season 6’s Trailer Suggests Miguel & Robby Will Fight In The Sekai Taikai

Miguel Sounds Determined To Be Better Than Robby At The Sekai Taikai

Miguel and Robbit preparing to fight in Cobra Kai season 6.

Robby and Miguel were natural rivals when they met in Cobra Kai. Johnny became a father-like figure for Miguel when Robby was still estranged from the man, which certainly didn’t help things, and the situation was only made worse when Johnny’s son joined Daniel LaRusso. Add in the devastating school fight at the end of Cobra Kai season 2 and it seemed that there would be no end in sight for the feud between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do’s star fighters. However, the duo managed to put their differences aside in Cobra Kai season 5 since they would soon be welcoming a shared baby sibling.

While they may no longer hate one another, it certainly looks like this rematch will contain all the passion of their former rivalry.

While Miguel and Robby are on the same team going into Cobra Kai season 6, the trailer indicates they will still have a pretty intense match at the Sekai Taikai tournament. In one clip, Sam and Miguel discuss how to be considered the best fighter in the world, and Miguel states that he has to beat Robby again on the mat. This is followed by an intense-looking scene as the duo faces off with one another at Miyagi-Do, preparing to fight in what can be assumed to be a practice match. While they may no longer hate one another, it certainly looks like this rematch will contain all the passion of their former rivalry.

Cobra Kai Season 6’s Trailer Hints A Tory & Sam Rematch Is Still Necessary

Tory Hasn’t Let Go Of Her Rivalry With Sam (Despite Their Being On The Same Team)

Tory and Sam in Cobra Kai

Like Robby and Miguel, Sam and Tory didn’t have much chance of being friends in Cobra Kai. Right off the bat, they were set up against each other just by their dojo affiliation, with Sam naturally with Miyagi-Do when Tory joined Cobra Kai. Then, there was the big boyfriend swap. Tory and Sam each have romantic histories with Miguel and Robby, and the boys’ rivalry compounded the girls’. However, when Tory realized that Terry Silver was cheating, she swallowed her pride and helped Sam and Miyagi-Do, and the two seemed to put their differences behind them.

Just as Daniel suggested at the start of the Cobra Kai season 6 trailer, Troy and Sam’s membership in the same dojo, Miyagi-Fang, established the assumption that they were allies. However, Tory seems to think otherwise. About halfway through the trailer, she says as much, noting that practicing karate in Daniel’s backyard doesn’t change anything. The following clip sees Tory and Sam on the practice mat, preparing for what is sure to be a pretty intense rematch.

The first part of
Cobra Kai
season 6 streams on Netflix July 18, 2024. Part two will release November 28, 2024, with part 3 following near the beginning of 2025.

Cobra Kai Season 6’s Trailer Sets Up A Final Daniel LaRusso & Johnny Lawrence Rematch

Johnny & Daniel Are Back At Each Other’s Throats

Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence are the rivals to top all rivalries in Cobra Kai, having gotten their start way back in The Karate Kid. They have fought one another several times throughout the movie and TV show, though of all these matches, Daniel’s 1984 All-Valley win was the only one that didn’t end in a draw. Of course, going into Cobra Kai season 6, they are supposed to be on the same team, having joined together to teach the students of the Valley both their fighting styles equally. However, as seems to be the theme of the coming installment, this peace won’t last.

However, as seems to be the theme of the coming installment, this peace won’t last.

The trailer for Cobra Kai season 6 sees the partnership between Johnny and Daniel begin to deteriorate, and they continue to disagree about how the students should be taught. It seems that, without a common enemy, these two rivals are back at each other’s throats. Perhaps all they need is one last rematch to finally determine who is the best around—a moment already teased with another clip of the pair bowing to one another on the practice mat. Ultimately, this could be the rematch everyone has been waiting for and a definitive end to Cobra Kai‘s greatest rivalry.

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