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Cobra Kai Season 6 Just Created An Even More Troubling Dojo Mystery


  • Cobra Kai’s sign is thrown in the garbage in season 6, suggesting the dojo’s disappearance.
  • John Kreese leads a new group of students, possibly connected to Kim Sun-Yung’s martial arts school.
  • The show’s title and storyline make it strange for Cobra Kai to be non-existent in season 6, raising questions about its future.

Cobra Kai dojo was left without a sensei after Cobra Kai season 5, and the trailer for season 6 made the fate of the titular school even more baffling. The business, which was originally owned by John Kreese in That Karate Kid, has changed hands several times throughout Cobra Kai. After Terry Silver’s arrest in season 5, it seemed that Cobra Kai dojo would end up back under the original owner’s control, the newly escaped John Kreese. If not Kreese, it would have made sense for Johnny Lawrence to take back the school he resurrected. However, neither seems to be happening.

Since the Netflix series’ title is Cobra Kai, the school obviously plays an important role in the story. Season 1 kicked off with Johnny Lawrence deciding to reopen the dojo, though the “way of the first” quickly got away from him as the students became increasingly out of control and violent. Then, the return of John Kreese meant that Johnny was usurped from his position as sensei and forced to open a different, seemingly temporary school called Eagle Fang. Karma came for Kreese eventually, and Terry Silver took his place—but what will happen to Cobra Kai dojo next?


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Cobra Kai’s Sign Was Thrown In The Garbage In the Season 6 Trailer

It Looks Like Cobra Kai Dojo Is Gone For Good

Cobra Kai sign getting thrown away in the season 6 trailer

Since Terry Silver was arrested at the end of Cobra Kai season 5, Cobra Kai dojo is again without a sensei going into season 6. Because Johnny and Daniel were only joining forces to have better chances against the old Karate Kid Part 3 villain, a common theory is that Johnny would take back what had been his and position himself as the sensei of Cobra Kai yet again. However, the trailer for Cobra Kai season 6 sees the dojo’s sign thrown into a dumpster while Johnny remains with Daniel at Miyagi-Fang, indicating that Cobra Kai simply doesn’t exist anymore.

John Kreese Didn’t Take Over The Dojo Anyone Was Expecting

Has Kreese Forgotten About His Cobra Kai?

If Johnny hadn’t taken Cobra Kai back, then it would have been logical for John Kreese to swoop in and lay claim to his dojo again. The character had been the original founder, so it makes sense that he would have wanted to hop back in the driver’s seat. Sure, as a wanted criminal this would have been difficult to pull off. Then, there is the fact that Tery Silver’s treachery meant that Cobra Kai had few students left. Still, Cobra Kai isn’t known for its realistic plotlines (look at Kreese’s prison escape using Jello-O as fake blood), so Kreese simply taking ownership of Cobra Kai felt possible.

Instead, the Cobra Kai season 6 trailer sees Kreese leading a whole new band of students alongside Kim Da-Eun.

Instead, the Cobra Kai season 6 trailer sees Kreese leading a whole new band of students alongside Kim Da-Eun. Though it’s never explicitly stated, it’s assumed that this is a martial arts school founded by Kim Sun-Yung, the brutal South Korean master who trained Kreese and Silver and first established the way of the fist. While this would make Kreese’s new dojo a sort of grandfather to Cobra Kai, it’s not the version of the school that has been the focus of the Netflix series. Ultimately, this begs the question—will there actually be a Cobra Kai in Cobra Kai season 6?

How Can There Be No Cobra Kai In Cobra Kai Season 6?

It Would Be Strange To End The Show With No Cobra Kai


The Cobra Kai sign being thrown into the dump while both John Kreese and Johnny Lawrence teach at different dojos indicates that the school is gone for good. However, given the name of the Netflix series, this is pretty strange. Sure, Cobra Kai hasn’t been a positive force in the Valley, even under Johnny’s leadership. The dojo’s legacy may be better off left in the past, but it doesn’t make sense for a show called Cobra Kai to end with the titular business so unceremoniously left in the dust.

It doesn’t make sense for a show called Cobra Kai to end with the titular business so unceremoniously left in the dust.

Perhaps Kreese’s entire purpose in working with the students of Kim Sun-Yung is to gain a foothold in the Valley, and it will be his long-term goal to open Cobra Kai again. Or, maybe Johnny and Daniel won’t be able to put their rivalry behind them, and working together at Eagle-Fang won’t work long-term. Therefore, Cobra Kai season 6 could still see the return of Cobra Kai dojo if Johnny decides to split off and get the ball rolling again. Hopefully, this will be the case since, as the dojo’s mantra says, Cobra Kai can never die.

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