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DC Is Finally Admitting The Link Between Superman & Dragon Ball After 37 Years


  • My Adventures With Superman season 2 connects Superman to Dragon Ball through Supergirl’s storyline, which is revealed to be directly inspired by Vegeta.
  • Supergirl’s redemption arc looks set to mirrors Vegeta’s, strengthening the connection between the two franchises.
  • The anime influence on My Adventures With Superman has persisted into the second season of the show, and is likely set to continue into season 3.

Contains spoilers for My Adventures With Superman season 2!

My Adventures With Superman continues to wear its anime influences on its sleeve, linking the iconic DC hero directly to Dragon Ball after decades of fan comparisons. My Adventures With Superman season 2 introduced Kara Zor-El, Clark’s cousin who is perhaps better known by her hero name of Supergirl. It has been a solid take on the character so far, as she has mostly been an antagonistic force to Superman, but promises of an eventual redemption arc are beginning to show.

The show’s second season is rounding the corner to its last batch of episodes, and with My Adventures With Superman season 3 confirmed, it will be intriguing to see how they continue to develop Kara in the future. In a recent Reddit AMA with showrunner Jake Wyatt, he revealed that Supergirl’s storyline was inspired by Vegeta, an iconic character in the Dragon Ball universe. Knowing Vegeta’s story was the main inspiration for Kara further cements the similarities that the two properties have always shared.


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2024 Finally Makes The Superman & Dragon Ball Connection Concrete

There have been connections made between Superman and Dragon Ball for decades, particularly between Goku and Clark, who share a lot of similarities. Boiling it down to the basics, they are both kind-hearted aliens who were sent to Earth upon the destruction of their own planets, and grow up to be protectors of their new home. Discourse surrounding Goku and Superman over the years typically revolves around who will win in a fight, given they are some of the most powerful characters in their respective universes.

Of course, Superman inspiring Goku was never explicitly stated, but the similarities remain. With My Adventures With Superman pulling from Vegeta’s storyline for Supergirl, the connections come full circle with Dragon Ball being the inspiration for Superman this time around. Having Supergirl act as a Vegeta-like character is just one of the many anime influences My Adventures With Superman pulls from, and makes the link between the two properties closer than ever.

What Supergirl’s “Vegeta” Story Reveals About Her My Adventures With Superman Future

Vegeta stands smirking in his battle suit in Dragon Ball Z

She starts out as an antagonist to Clark before her redemption, and mirrors that of Vegeta, who first appeared as a villain before eventually becoming a protagonist alongside Goku.

Under the influence of Braniac, Kara Zor-El took on the evil Superman trope as it was revealed she helped Braniac conquer numerous planets before she made her way to Earth. Towards the end of episode 6, Kara understands what she has done, and it seems like the rest of the season is positioning her to begin to find redemption away from Braniac’s influence. She starts out as an antagonist to Clark before her redemption, and mirrors that of Vegeta, who first appeared as a villain before eventually becoming a protagonist alongside Goku.

The redemption arc for Supergirl seemed obvious from the start, since having her be a villain for the long-term doesn’t seem feasible for the tone of My Adventures With Superman. While Vegeta remained a morally complicated figure in a lot of regards, his redemption arc is an important part of Dragon Ball. With the creators of My Adventures With Superman explaining Vegeta’s influence on Supergirl’s story, it’s reasonable to believe her redemption will also have a lasting impact on the show going forward.

Dragon Ball and the character of Superman have always felt linked, even if only by their fanbases. Now that it has been revealed that the main story for Supergirl in My Adventures With Superman was inspired by Vegeta, that link becomes even stronger. My Adventures With Superman has been anime-influenced since its inception, but it’s nice to see arguably the most iconic anime of all time finally influence it as well.

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