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"Definitely Scary": That '90s Show Part 3 Ending Teased By Star

Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for That ’90s Show part 2!


  • Callie Haverda teases an emotional and scary ending for
    That ’90s Show
    part 3, hinting at potential resolution in a future season.
  • Part 2’s finale already left off on several cliffhangers, including Nate and Nikki’s relationship and Leia and Jay’s dynamic.
  • Haverda hopes for a season 3 – or part 4 – expressing the emotional impact of filming the part 3 finale and the bittersweet feeling it evokes.

That ’90s Show star Callie Haverda has already teased the ending of part 3 of the sitcom, explaining where the story ends up by the finale of that batch of episodes. That ’90s Show part 2’s ending already leaves plenty of cliffhangers left unattended to, including whether Nate and Nikki are going to get back together, as well as Leia and Jay finally building a better relationship with one another. Acting as the first half of season 2, though, larger events are seemingly being saved for part 3.

This is teased when, speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Haverda indicates how That ’90s Show part 3 is going to end. The actor, who portrays Leia on the show, indicated the final episode would wrap on an emotional note, including something that she hinted would be terrifying to leave off on. Check out what Haverda had to say about the finale below:

I remember just filming it, we were all very, very emotional. Not only because we had just finished the season, but the way that we leave off on Part 3 is definitely scary. I have high hopes, though, if we do get a season 3, which hopefully we will, fingers crossed, I think that everything will be resolved. But there is a big moment at the end of Part 3, and it’s really bittersweet.

They are having a great time, but there’s definitely this edge of sadness with it. And we were all emotional while we were filming it, so the emotion will probably come through in the scene. And I remember when we wrapped filming that scene, I just started crying, and we’d have to hold it together to finish. That lovely feeling of the family being all together, the gang, but also the cliffhanger that we’re left on, I think it makes a great emotional moment.

How Could That 90s Show Part 3 End?

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Part 3 is technically also That ‘90s Show season 2 part 2, with part 1 having ended on an abrupt note, technically stopping halfway through the story of the full season. This means where characters are left off isn’t indicative of any major changes for them, stopping halfway through the arcs that have been planned for them in the whole batch of episodes. While this leaves plenty of room for development in part 3, it also means their status at the true end of season 2 remains unclear.

Given what Haverda had to say about part 3’s ending, it appears not everything established in part 2 is going to be amicably resolved. Her describing the final episode as “scary” could indicate a major change is coming for Leia, possibly having to do with her and Jay’s relationship. The pair managed to reconcile after she almost kissed Nate at the end of That ’90s Show season 1, but that could easily crumble if something untoward happens between them. If they do break up, it will leave both characters in a rather uncomfortable spot.


That ‘90s Show Season 2’s Ending Highlights A Problem That ‘70s Show Always Avoided

That ’90s Show has largely managed to recapture the original appeal of That ’70s Show, but this only makes one major shortcoming all the more obvious.

But it could also have to do with other characters, such as however Nate and Nikki’s relationship pans out in the end. Red and Kitty’s trip to Paris could also be involved, with their overseas vacation resulting in a big decision that could shake things up for season 3. While there’s plenty that could happen at the end of That ’90s Show part 3, it won’t be clear how the continuing season is going to end until more information about the episodes gets revealed.

That ’90s Show
part 3 arrives on Netflix on October 24, 2024.

Source: EW

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