Diss Song: Popular American rapper, Rick Ross attacked in Canada for throwing shades at Drake

After dishing out  diss song at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver, Canada popular American rapper Rick Ross was attacked


The artiste was reportedly accosted for playing Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Not Like Us’, a track directed at a Canadian singer. Drake, to wrap up his performance.

The men, according to TMZ, were said to have been 15 in number, fighting the US singer and his crew immediately they left the stage.

Ross was punched in the face and body after the attack that initially started off as a verbal altercation, escalated into a violent one

It remains unknown if anyone was injured or arrested by the authorities.

Recall that Ross, in May 2024, expressed support for Kendrick Lamar during his rift with Drake. After which, Drake took a swipe at him in the track ‘Push Ups’.

Rick Ross also clapped back at Drake in his track titled ‘Champagne Moments’.

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