Drama as HarrySong’s estranged Alexer wife shares disturbing post, deletes it almost immediately

HarrySong’s ex-wife Alexer Peres had the entire internet concerned for a minute, when she shared a disturbing post and deleted it shortly after.

The post in question was a picture of a popular insecticide, and she added two sad emojis on the side.

HarrySong’s ex-wife Alexer Peres makes disturbing post.

This insecticide on its own isn’t worrisome, but it has been used by s*ic*de victims over the years, and hers looks like a cry for help.

Alexer Peres didn’t give the post a chance to stay long enough on her page, which is more concerning.

The stunning model has been involved in one of the messiest celebrity divorce of all time with her estranged husband HarrySong.

HarrySong has accused Alexer Peres of infidelity, citing that she cheated on him during their marriage, and while she was pregnant.

Alexer Peres on the other hand has come out to say that she had lost a pregnancy sue to the stress induced by the issues she was facing in her marriage with HarrySong.

Apart from accusing Alexer Peres of infidelity, HarrySong also dragged her mother into the mix, claiming that his ex-mother-in-law was currently in her seventh marital home, hence her inability to raise her daughter well.

Alexer Peres didn’t let it slide, as she threw jabs at HarrySong, with the claim that he still wets the bed.

The drama surrounding the marriage between this two has been nothing short of chaotic. Each of them has been relentless when it comes to throwing shade, and sometimes, stray bullet even hit third parties.

Actress Destiny Etiko was one of the third parties that got into the mess that was HarrySong and Alexe Peres’ divorce.

HarrySong accused Destiny Etiko of playing a huge role in their divorce by goading his wife to leave him.

Destiny Etiko and Alexer Peres are known friends, and recently, Alexer scored herself a movie role, which lays perfectly in line with Destiny’s job description.

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