Drama as phone recording of Sophia Momodu warning Israel DMW surfaces

An audio leak of Sophia Momodu’s conversation with Israel DMW just surfaced the internet, and it has set it ablaze.

In the audio, you can hear Sophia Momodu warning Israel DMW about a comment he made on social media about her and Imade.

Apparently, Sophia Momodu had taken Imade to Monaco on a vacation, and Israel DMW had commented, saying that it was Davido’s money that sponsored the trip.

Sophia Momodu seemed heated about the whole issue, and you could hear her saying that she doesn’t enjoy monetary benefits from Davido, and that it was the likes of Israel DMW that enjoyed his money.

Israel DMW apologized profusely to Sophia Momodu, and that was where the audio leak stopped.

This conversation is a direct contradiction of the recent shade that Israel DMW threw mat Sophia Momodu, calling her a gold digger.

Israel DMW had made a post, chastising Sophia Momodu for sleeping with Davido and having a child for him.

He also seemed very agitated over the fact that she had released conversations between herself and Davido in her court documents, and he ended his post by calling her a gold digger.

Sophia Momodu has been facing a lot of backlash and some support during the past week.

Some netizens have been on Sophia Momodu’s side during her child custody drama with Davido.

On the other hand, Sophia Momodu has received a lot of reprimand over her huge house rent that was revealed in her court documents.

This whole child custody battle between Sophia Momodu and Davido has been a messy affair, and has gotten so huge that celebrities are now getting involved in the matter and giving their two cents.

While this whole saga may seem like the drama of the century, this isn’t Sophia Momodu and Davido’s first public fight, and both of them have been at it for years.

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