Fans express concern as Harrysong’s estranged wife shares disturbing post

The estranged wife of Nigerian singer Harrysong, Alexer Peres, has sparked concern amongst netizens  after sharing a disturbing post.


This comes after Peres uploaded a photo of a poisonous insecticide, SNIPER on her Instagram story on Sunday night.

The disturbing post comes amidst a heated online feud between the former couple, who have been publicly trading accusations of infidelity and neglect.

The escalating drama has captivated the attention of fans and the media, leaving many worried about the situation’s implications.

One_swtshuga wrote:  You want to die because of a failed marriage, eventhough you have your kids with you and can afford the bare minimum. I have two failed marriages and not allowed to see any of my kids . 27naira in my opay, not sure where my next meal will come from yet i have refused to give up, everyday i wake up dressup and give my best shot getting employed, somedays are hard others worst and its ok to break down but get up girl FIGHT!! you got this and your kids got you!! Don’t let the pain win nor let the enemies rejoice… BLIND THEM WITH YOUR SUCCESS, NA JUST TIME E GO TAKE.”

Another user, jackyyjewell wrote: Both the ones asking her to mix it with ice cream , to go rest or why she snap am and the ones wey they like these nasty cruel comments are no different from animals. Una all de craze. You got everything to live for my dear.”

One uq_foodgallery wrote: Please someone should reach out to her pls 🙌😢😢😢 I’ve been in this state but then who will i leave my son to?? 😢😢😢my son had saved me countless times from this action and I’m grateful to God.”

afuamawunyo wrote: It is well, just hang in there. When you die, who will raise your children’. No one can do it better like yourself.”

the_saucee_ wrote: My God, this comment section made me cry.”

nellynells__ wrote; “Sending her lots of love.”

estherijewere wrote: This comment section is wild. Holyspirit. This is a woman crying out for help. Can we leave the judgment and show empathy. God forbid anything happens to her, yall will be the first to write epistles. Let’s be human for Christ sake. @destinyetikoofficial please reach out.”

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