FAZE YourRAGE Suffers Serious Eye Injury During Livestream Wood-Chopping Accident

Popular Twitch and Kick streamer Josh “YourRAGE” has recently gone viral on social media following a harrowing accident during a live stream. On July 3, 2024, while streaming on the Stake-backed platform, YourRAGE was seen chopping wood when a sudden mishap resulted in a severe injury to his eye.

The Florida-based content creator, who is also a member of FaZe Clan, was engaged in a routine wood-chopping activity when he appeared to miss a piece of wood, causing the axe to strike his face instead. The incident, captured live, prompted immediate concern from viewers and the stream’s cameraman. YourRAGE, visibly in pain and distress, exclaimed, “I’m blind. I’m bleeding. I need a hospital! I need a hospital, bro!” When asked if he was serious, he urgently replied, “Yes, yes, yes… I lost my eye. I lost my eye! I promise you. I promise you! Ah! I’m not lying!”

The live stream was abruptly cut off with a message stating, “Connection lost, be back soon!” leaving viewers in shock and worry about the streamer’s condition.

Later in the day, updates about YourRAGE’s condition began circulating on social media. X user @rageupdates provided a grim report, stating that the streamer “couldn’t see out of his eye” and that there was “lots of blood.” They tweeted, “The only real update is – he can’t see out of his eye, lots of blood, no vision as of now.”

The incident quickly garnered significant attention online. X user @FearedBuck’s post about YourRAGE’s wood-chopping accident amassed over 1.5 million views, with hundreds of comments expressing concern and support for the injured streamer. Fans were visibly shaken by the severity of the accident, with many echoing sentiments of worry and prayers for his recovery.

One fan, @BlazerLegndSefo, described the situation as “scary,” noting that YourRAGE’s reaction did not seem staged for the camera. They wrote, “Nah, this is actually scary asf, he sounded genuinely concerned, not like an act for the camera.” Another user, @iqkev, commented on the unusual worry in YourRAGE’s voice, saying, “Damn, never heard Rage sound so worried, praying for him.”

The severity of the accident was further highlighted by user @QuentinWiley_, who analyzed the incident in slow motion. They remarked, “Damn, the slow-mode video definitely showed what happened. I thought you meant a piece of wood flung out and hit his eye. The axe bouncing back and hitting probably hit hard as f**k.”

As of now, the full extent of YourRAGE’s injury remains unclear. Fans and the streaming community are anxiously awaiting further updates on his condition and recovery process. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with seemingly mundane activities and the unpredictable nature of live streaming.

In the meantime, YourRAGE’s community continues to rally around him, offering support and well-wishes. The hope is that he receives the medical attention he needs and makes a swift recovery, allowing him to return to his beloved streaming activities and reconnect with his fans.

This tragic accident has undoubtedly left a mark on the streaming community, and YourRAGE’s fans are eagerly looking forward to hearing more positive news about his health in the coming days.

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