“Funny but truth” – Reactions as Isaac Fayose advises Davido to show love to Sophia Momodu more than Imade for his peace of mind (Video)

Social media users are reacting to former Governor of Ekiti state’s brother, Isaac Fayose’s advice to Davido following his custody battle with his first babymama, Sophia Momodu.

Taking to his Instagram page, he admonished the singer to show love to Sophia more than Imade, irrespective of his marital status. Using himself as an example, he revealed that he used to show his children more love than their mothers, leading to custody battles with them. Now that he is wiser, he shows their mothers more love, making co-parenting easier.

He noted how when a man pampers the mother of his kids, she would constantly sing his praises to the kids, but when he does otherwise, they would badmouth them to the kids.

“To be a serial baby father, you need to go to school for it. When I was younger, I loved my children more than their mothers because I wasn’t married to their mothers. Now that they’re mature, I love their mothers more than the children. You know why, when I show their mothers love, they will send the children back to me. They will say, ‘Have you called your daddy? Have you spoken to your daddy? Have you checked on him? When you try to love children more than their mothers, the mothers will tell them that their fathers are useless. It isn’t easy. I am a serial baby daddy with 6 babymamas and two wives spread across 4 continents worldwide. I want all of them to love me and play a role in their lives; I don’t go for the children; I go for their mother.

Even though I am married, I show their mothers love and treat them well and hail her”, he said in the video.

In his caption, he stressed that to be a serial baby father, you have to go to school for it for you to be able to keep calm and cool with your babymamas. Praying for God to give Davido wisdom, he said he feels his pain.

“To be a serial baby father, you have to go to school for it for you to be able to keep the cool and calm
May God give David wisdom to handle them all. I feel your pain.
Have been there before.
No one can be a good father without peace”.

Isaac Fayose advises Davido amid custody battle with Sophia Momodu

While some disagreed with him, majority concurred with him.

One Tees Fabrics wrote, “Being at peace with a woman is wisdom

One I Am Henry Arnold wrote, “Truth

One Thrift By Isell Lekki wrote, “People don’t get it; the Love he means is respect and responsibility. Women react to positive or negative energy. If you want peace, just make her happy

One Adenike Ashatokun wrote, “Funny but truth

One Real Yanboy wrote, “Na your own be that Oga, the child must grow to confirm if what he/her mum said about the dad is true. No love for any jealous babymama

One Jayne Sassy David wrote, “As much as he is making some sense, but honestly, some babymamas will do take advantage of this and do everything to destroy the man’s home and marriage

One Presh Nickie wrote, “He is making sense, na mumu go banter wetin he talk

One Mr Shark wrote, “Exactly, you must go through the mother of your child to be in your child’s life ni o. You can never jump the mother to be in the child’s life. Davido should just calm down and go through the mother properly; it’s very easy

One Dat Tech Guy wrote, “Respect her enough for her child to know she’s not an invalid”.

Recall that things turned sour between Davido and Sophia after the singer publicly declared love for his now wife, Chioma Rowland, and reunited with her. This left Sophia infuriated, and she shared a post about a cat not taking rubbish from a dog. She later went on an extensive rant, accusing him of financially abusing her.

Last month, Davido filed a lawsuit, demanding joint custody of Imade as he claimed Sophia Momodu was denying him access to her and was extorting money from him, which she denied.

Last week, she had opposed his joint custody battle, citing the death of his son, among others, as reasons the singer is unfit to raise their daughter on his own.

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