GAFA advocates for child rights, donates cash, food items to orphanage

The Global Association of Female Attorneys (GAFA) has donated cash and various food items to an orphanage as part of its mission to support vulnerable children. This initiative aligns with its ongoing advocacy for the full implementation of the Child Rights Act (CRA) in the country.

The donations included staple food items such as rice, noodles, bread, biscuits, and soft drinks, along with clothing and educational books to aid the children’s academic pursuits. Additionally, GAFA contributed N1,139,500 to the orphanage for the children’s financial needs for school fees and medical expenses, ensuring that their educational and health needs are met.

It’s President Mrs. Chinelo Iriele made the donation at the St. Mary’s Orphanage in Gwagwalada, FCT, explaining that the motivation behind the visit was to support the less privileged in the society. She called on good spirited Nigerians to make deliberate efforts towards alleviating their plights especially during the present hardship in the Country.

“While this amount may not be much, it is what we could gather from our members, partners, friends, and well-wishers. Even my children in America and my husband contributed because it’s about tapping into blessings.”

“Our visit today is part of our commitment to support the less privileged. We decided to begin our outreach at this orphanage to ensure that the children here receive the care and education they deserve,” she said.

Iriele emphasized the importance of proper care and the need to address the children’s rights while members assessed the facilities and interacted with the children.

“We are here to ensure that the environment is conducive for the children and that they receive the necessary education. It’s about their rights and making sure they are not denied.”

“Some of the children showed signs of illness. We are not only here to present gifts but also to ensure that their living conditions are acceptable,” she added

Iriele urged the public to support the less privileged, emphasizing that many remain unaware or indifferent to the plight of these children. She encouraged everyone to get involved, highlighting that giving brings immense satisfaction and peace of mind.

She further stressed the importance of helping the needy instead of solely focusing on amassing wealth for oneself and family while others suffer from hunger.

“Some politicians amass wealth for generations, yet there are people who can’t afford a meal. Let us come together to help these children, who could be Nigeria’s future leaders. Our prayers and support can make a significant difference.”

Highlighting GAFA’s broader advocacy work, she mentioned plans to educate children about their rights. “We aim to start advocacy programs in schools to raise awareness about child rights. Many people do not even know about these rights, so it’s crucial to educate them.”

Iriele added that the Association engages with stakeholders at all levels to advocate for human rights, promote reproductive health awareness, and address the ills of gender-based violence.

“GAFA’s visit and donations is a testament to our commitment to child rights and support for the less privileged, there is the need for collective efforts in addressing these critical issues,” she stressed.

Receiving the gifts, Reverend Sister Julia Elochukwu, representing the orphanage, shared that they care for orphans and destitute children, supporting them up to the university level. She called for the support of Nigerians to continue this mission.

Sister Elochukwu also expressed concern that some men abandon their babies at the orphanage after losing their wives, failing to contribute to their children’s upkeep.

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