Hawk Tuah Girl Hailey Welch Denies Making Money from Merchandise Amid Fame Surge

Hailey Welch, known to her millions of followers as the ‘Hawk Tuah girl’, recently addressed a series of misconceptions and updates on her newfound fame via Instagram. The TikTok star, who shot to stardom following a viral street interview by YouTubers Tim and Dee TV, clarified that she is not profiting from the unauthorized merchandise circulating online.

On July 4, Hailey Welch took to her Instagram to dispel rumors regarding her involvement with various products. In a candid video titled “Three awesome things that have changed my life so far,” she emphasized:

“Any of you selling or purchasing merchandise online, it’s not from me. It’s not approved by me and it’s counterfeit and I’m not making a dan dime off of any of it. But I just hired a manager and I hired an attorney. So we’re coming for you bitces.”

Hailey Welch also hinted at exciting news for her fans, announcing plans to launch her own official merchandise store soon. “But don’t worry, I’m launching my own merch store very soon and you’ll be the first to get your official Hawk Tuah merch from me,” she added.

In the same video, Welch tackled another rumor, addressing persistent questions about whether she has an account on an explicit website. She firmly stated that she does not, and will never, have such an account. She also expressed frustration over fake social media accounts claiming to be her. Welch confirmed that her only other social media presence is on Snapchat.

Welch also shared a more personal glimpse into her life, recounting how she had to persuade her father not to take drastic measures against paparazzi who had been camping outside their home for weeks.

Hailey Welch’s rise to fame began with a street interview at Nashville’s CMA Fest on June 9, 2024. When asked by Tim and Dee TV, “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?” the 21-year-old Tennessee native responded with her now-famous line: “Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang, you get me?” The video quickly went viral, garnering millions of views on TikTok and other platforms.

In a recent Instagram update, Welch reflected on the changes brought by her sudden internet fame. She revealed that she has managed to overcome her stage fright and even performed with country music star Zach Bryan. Additionally, she has quit her job at a spring factory, a significant milestone in her journey.

Despite her reservations about the nickname, Welch acknowledged the impact of the ‘Hawk Tuah’ video on her life. She appeared on Brianna LaPaglia’s Plan Bri Uncut podcast, where she expressed discomfort with being primarily known for that viral moment, saying, “I don’t really want that to be like, my image. Like, ‘Hawk Tuah Girl?’ Eh. I just—I don’t see that being like, my thing… I don’t wanna be known as that.”

Welch’s collaboration with Fathead Threads has already been a success, reportedly selling over $65,000 worth of baseball caps featuring her catchphrase. Despite this success, Welch is gearing up to open her own official merchandise store and has established her own company, 16 Minutes LLC. Additionally, she has joined the Penthouse management company to help navigate her growing career.

Addressing the constant demand for her to create an OnlyFans account, Welch reiterated that she has no plans to do so. In a July 3 Instagram video, she stated, “Stop asking me for the link in bio for my OnlyFans. I don’t have an OnlyFans and there will never be an OnlyFans. I just—I just make funny jokes, that’s all I do.”

While Hailey Welch acknowledges the positive aspects of her newfound fame, she also highlighted some challenges, including dealing with counterfeit merchandise and intrusive paparazzi. Nonetheless, she remains focused on leveraging her popularity into legitimate business ventures and maintaining a genuine connection with her fans.

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