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Hear Music From National Geographics Super Reefs With Behind-The-Scenes Session Footage


  • National Geographic’s
    Super Reefs
    documentary showcases a coral reef’s recovery and features an evocative soundtrack by composer Christian Heschl.
  • The documentary’s unique musical opportunities allow Heschl to create memorable, melodic music, reflecting the grand scale of the natural world.
  • The soundtrack acts as a trip back to the documentary’s stunning visuals and important message, connecting viewers with the underwater world of the Southern Line Islands.

National Geographic’s Earth Day special Super Reefs details a coral reef’s stunning recovery from a bleaching event, and Screen Rant has a first listen to key pieces from the documentary’s evocative soundtrack. Developed by National Geographic’s Pristine Seas ocean conservation project, Super Reefs showcases the value in protecting marine areas as it highlights a specific coral reef in the seas of the Southern Line Islands. The documentary was released on Earth Day 2024, and is available to stream now on YouTube.

Screen Rant is excited to present two tracks from the soundtrack album for Super Reefs, complete with behind-the-scenes video of the recording sessions themselves. The ocean documentary tells an important—and uplifting—story, and composer Christian Heschl was able to write a musical score that aptly transports viewers into the undersea world of the Southern Line Islands. Check out the videos, below, and listen to the soundtrack for Super Reefs in full when it releases July 5 courtesy of Silva Screen Records.


Why The Score For Super Reefs (And Nature Documentary Music) Is Worth A Listen

The soundtrack for National Geographic’s Super Reefs will be released on July 5th and will surely worth a listen even by those who haven’t seen the special. Although many film and television scores are effective on their own, the unique musical opportunities provided by nature documentary programming can often lead to beautiful scores that are less reliant on a picture to succeed. One simple reason for this is that while nature documentaries like Super Reefs often have voiceover and interviews, the fact that they are not dialogue-driven means that composers like Heschl have more room to create memorable, melodic music.

The sights and sounds of documentaries like Super Reefs also prompt a type of score that isn’t as often heard in fictional projects. In Super Reefs, Heschl is able to write music on a scale that is as grand as the world it explores. Composers have always found inspiration in the natural world (for a classical example, check out Gustav Holst’s The Planets suite), and nature documentaries offer film composers a chance to explore musical ideas that may reflect forces of nature more than human emotions.

Of course, for those who did see National Geographic’s Earth Day special Super Reefs, Heschl’s soundtrack can act as a trip back to the documentary’s stunning visuals and important message. As the videos above show, the recording of the Super Reefs soundtrack was a huge endeavor, and the accompanying visuals from the documentary itself only highlight how well Heschl’s music helps viewers connect with what’s on screen. With even more tracks soon to be available, listeners can get a full scope of what Heschl was able to contribute to the project.

Super Reefs

is out on YouTube now. Christian Heschl’s soundtrack for the documentary will be available July 5th on digital platforms.

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