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How Simone's Big Decision In All American: Homecoming Season 3 Will Affect Lando Explained By Star


  • Simone’s choice in
    All American: Homecoming
    season 3 will impact Lando’s story no matter what, says star Martin Bobb-Semple.
  • Lando faces challenges regardless of Simone’s decision, due to their inconsistent relationship.
  • Damon’s reduced role hints at Lando potentially winning Simone’s heart, but her choice may also impact his character growth.

All American: Homecoming star Martin Bobb-Semple has opened up about how Simone’s big decision in season 3 is going to affect Lando’s story moving forward. All American: Homecoming season 3 is going to resolve the cliffhanger ending of season 2, wherein Simone was about to choose between Lando and Damon as the person she wanted to be with. Whatever choice she makes, it will have repercussions throughout the rest of the season, indicating what direction the characters’ lives are going to be taking as the show progresses.

Speaking with TV Insider, Bobb-Semple, who portrays Lando, explained how Simone’s decision in All American: Homecoming season 3 will impact his character in future episodes. He said that, if he does get chosen, then there would be some growing pains knowing their relationship wasn’t built on a more consistent one beforehand. Check out what Bobb-Semple had to say about the big decision below:

With the way the season ended, no matter which way it goes, her decision creates a complicated situation. There’s one person that’s going to be left heartbroken. It’s still a tricky situation either way, whether you’re the person that was chosen or not. It’s difficult to navigate, especially being in school and being in love. It’s difficult to juggle everything. Lando loves her, so I think it will be tough no matter her decision. It has to be difficult to know that there was a decision rather than an organic relationship between them. It’s a rocky start, and it will be a difficult journey.

Who Will Simone Choose In All American: Homecoming Season 3?

While it’s unclear who Simone is going to choose, whatever decision she makes is going to have far-reaching implications for the remainder of the season. However, Damon actor Peyton Alex Smith is going to be in a recurring role in season 3, implying that she is going to end up choosing Lando after all. While this isn’t a guarentee, as Damon could still appear in the majority of episodes with a focus on their relationship, his new role hints he’s not going to win over her heart.

Since it’s less likely Simone will choose Damon because of his reduced appearance, it seems likely Lando is going to end up winning her heart after all. However, as Bobb-Semple illustrates, a relationship between the pair isn’t going to be easy, with a level of natural trust needing to be built up between them. With information about season 3 already hinting at Lando having a story beyond his love interest, it will be a lot for him to juggle if she ends up deciding to be with him.


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However, there’s also the possibility that she decides not to choose either of them, stepping back from the situation for her own mental health. This would explain Damon’s reduced role this season while giving Lando room to grow as an individual character. At the same time, though, All American: Homecoming has been cancelled, meaning season 3 will be the swan soing for its ensemble cast. If Simone does end up with someone by the end of the show, it will need to happen in the forthcoming episodes, and will likely be between her two existing love interests.

All American: Homecoming
season 3 premieres on Monday, July 8 on The CW.

Source: TV Insider

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