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How That Shocking Death Will Affect Bunny For The Rest Of Mayor Of Kingstown Season 3

Warning! SPOILERS about Mayor of Kingstown season 3, episode 6 ahead.


  • The gang war intensifies in Mayor of Kingstown season 3, with the attack on Bunny’s front shop causing more than one casualty among Bunny’s ranks and relatives.
  • Bunny’s attack on Cavo made those close to him a target for the Aryan Brotherhood and the Russian Mafia, leading to the tragic death of his cousin Rhonda, despite her not being part of the Crips.
  • Rhonda’s death highlights the escalating violence and disrespect towards Bunny’s position in Kingstown, as the new major players don’t recognize his authority and target his loved ones.

The gang war promised in Mayor of Kingstown season 2 became more tangible in season 3, episode 6, with the consequences of the attack on Bunny’s front shop and its casualties rippling through Kingstown. While Bunny had started Mayor of Kingstown season 3 with hopes for expansion beyond Kingstown’s borders following his stint in jail, the arrival of new major Mayor of Kingstown players stopped such dreams, instead putting Bunny and Raphael in troubled waters by contaminating their drug supply. However, the events of Mayor of Kingstown season 3, episode 6 proved the worst had yet to come for Bunny.

Mayor of Kingstown season 3, episodes 1 to 4 left Bunny blind about who attacked his operation, making him acutely aware of the financial and practical issues they caused him, without knowing exactly who the culprit was. However, Mayor of Kingstown season 3, episode 5 made Konstantin’s involvement in the contamination of the Crips’ drugs public knowledge, leading Bunny to act swiftly and attack Cavo before he knew of Konstantin’s Mayor of Kingstown partnership with Callahan. This put Bunny and those closest to him even more in danger, linking the tragic death of season 3, episode 6 to Bunny’s actions.

Bunny Never Suffered Such A Loss Before Rhonda’s Death In Mayor Of Kingstown

Rhonda Dying Proves AB & The Russian Mafia Can Hit Bunny Where It Hurts

Rhonda being a casualty of Bunny’s warring instincts as the Aryan Brotherhood attacking his front shop only happened after Bunny’s attack on Cavo made her death even sadder. Bunny’s raid on Cavo aimed only to remind Konstantin who he was dealing with, making him aware he could operate in Kingstown but shouldn’t mess with Bunny’s operation. Konstantin’s secret dealings with AB nonetheless made him stronger, and while other gangs wouldn’t have attacked Bunny’s relatives, respecting Bunny’s position, Konstantin didn’t care, making violence only increase after Bunny’s hit on Cavo.

Rhonda’s death following AB’s attack on Bunny’s front shop and her salon proved Konstantin and Callahan don’t respect Bunny’s “king” role, making them even more dangerous as nobody is off-limits for them.

Threats of gang wars always lingered on in Kingstown, but previously gangs only attacked each other by hitting smaller targets. Instead, Konstantin and Callahan’s relentless offensive against Bunny from multiple sides made it clear they don’t see Bunny as “king” in Mayor of Kingstown season 3, making the killing of his cousin Rhonda send the message. By attacking those closest to Bunny, Callahan and Konstantin make it evident that they do not respect Bunny’s accepted role in Kingstown, treating him as a nuisance to be handled in whichever way necessary, even by bringing more violence to Kingstown’s streets.

Rhonda Was One Of The Few Positive Mayor Of Kingstown Characters

Rhonda Wasn’t Involved With The Crips

Nona Parker Johnson as Rhonda in Mayor of Kingstown season 3, episode 5

Mayor of Kingstown always highlighted Bunny’s close relationships with his family, along with his wish they didn’t follow in his steps. Mayor of Kingstown season 1 exemplified that with Bunny’s request that Mike accompany his nephew Akim to a hockey match and with their talk about Hakim’s Kingstown fate afterward. However, Mayor of Kingstown seasons 2 introduced Rhonda as a positive figure linked to Bunny but not involved with the gang, with Bunny’s pride in Rhonda’s success with her salon repeatedly showing how happy he was someone close to him thrived and succeeded far from gang business.


Mayor Of Kingstown’s Bombing Aftermath Sets Up The Payoff For A Major Season 3 Mike Tease

The chaos brought forth by the KPD bombings put Callahan right where he wanted to be, making 1 Mike tease from the trailer easier to happen.

Akim’s story in Mayor of Kingstown season 1 ended relatively positively, as Bunny’s nephew never reappeared. Even with Bunny’s belief that had Akim stayed in Kingstown, he would have ended up in a gang or jail, there was still hope for him to leave. Rhonda’s story was similarly hopeful, as she built a legitimate business, but being close to Bunny was her downfall. Rhonda’s proximity to Bunny made her a target in the eyes of whoever wanted to destroy Bunny, effectively dooming her and one of the few positive characters left in Mayor of Kingstown season 3, episode 6.

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