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I Cant Believe That 90s Show Season 2 Fumbled This Character After Being A Season 1 Highlight


  • That ’90s Show season 2 underutilized Sherri, neglecting her character development from season 1.
  • Sherri’s absence in season 2 left fans disappointed, wasting her potential as a key character.
  • There’s still hope for Sherri in the remaining episodes of season 2, addressing her past relationships and development.

That ’90 Show season 2 barely included one of its characters, despite her being among the best features of season 1. The That ’70s Show spinoff brought back a few original stars to join the new regular cast, and they have proven themselves to be the overall backbone of the series. However, Netflix managed to make one of its new characters a standout figure of That ’90s Show as well. She had some fun development in season 1, and there was plenty of promise that she would continue to be an exciting feature going forward. Unfortuantely, that wasn’t the case.

The second season of That ’90s Show saw Leia Forman return to her grandparent’s house in Point Place, Wisconsin, for another summer, this time in 1996. Not much had changed since she had spent a few months there the previous year. Red and Kitty are still as hilarious as ever, and the small town still provides ample opportunity for teenagers to get up to mischief. The basement is prime for having “circle” time, the freezer is stocked with popsicles, and Leo is still cluelessly moseying about. However, there was a key difference in Leia’s experience in That ’90s Show season 2.


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That ’90s Show Season 2 Wasted Andrea Anders’ Sherri

That ’90s Show Season 2 Just Left Sherri’s Season 1 Story Hanging

Travis (Matt Rife) stares in shock at Sherri Runck (Andrea Anders), who has an expression of disbelief in That 90s show part 2 Episode 8
Image via Netflix

That ’90s Show‘s Sherri Runck, played by Andrea Anders, is the next-door neighbor to Red and Kitty Forman in the 1990s, living in the home that used to belong to the Pinciottis. She was a heavy feature of season 1, presented as a sort of Bob replacement since she frequently appeared in the Forman kitchen to take their foot or put her nose in others’ business. Sherri had her own dedicated plotlines in season 1, with her own individual character development. However, I was disappointed to see that she was barely featured in season 2.

Though Sherri still lived next door with her kids and Leia’s friends Gwen and Nate, she barely came around in That ’90s Show season 2. The most substantial moment she had in this installment was a touching scene with her daughter. Aside from this, Sherri had no personal development, which is a significant letdown after the promises established in season 1. I can’t help but feel that Netflix wasted the character, missing out on all that she could have brought to this installment.

Why Sherri Was One Of The Best Parts Of That ’90s Show Season 1

Sherri Brought Something Special To The That ’70s Show Spinoff

The adults were some of the best characters of That ’70s Show, and That ’90s Show initially used Sherri to continue this trend. Though I was hesitant to like her after realizing that Bob Pinciotti would no longer live next door, she ultimately won me over. While Red and Kitty are meant to represent the standard American parents of the 1970s, Sherri is a specific stereotype of Generation X parents. She’s irresponsible and wild but wholly well-meaning, naturally making Sherri a lot of fun in That ’90s Show season 1.

Don Stark’s Bob Pinciotti took on a more regular role in
That ’90s Show
season 2, and this is probably why Anders’ Sherri took a back seat.

Sherri’s irresponsibility also set her up for a lot of future development. In just one season, the character worked on her father’s issues, decided to get serious about finding a good partner rather than sleeping around, and made a commitment to be a better mom to her kids. While Sherri followed through on that last one, I feel the other aspects of her character development were thrown straight out the window in season 2. The absence of her boyfriend Fez (from That ’70s Show) wasn’t even addressed, and Sherri went right back to serial dating as if her best moments in season 1 had never happened.

How That ’90s Show Season 2 Could Still Redeem Sherri’s Character

It’s Not Too Late To Continue Sherri’s Story In Season 2

Wilmer Valderrama and Andrea Anders as Fez and Sherri wearing a towel and bathrobe in That '90s Show

Of course, That ’90s Show season 2 technically isn’t over yet. The first eight episodes (dubbed “part 2“) were released in July, while the next eight (“part 3“) are coming on October 24, 2024. It’s certainly possible that these coming episodes will place Sherri back into the spotlight, continuing her development where it left off in season 1. Though it’s strange that her character was so casually tossed aside for part 2, I have my fingers crossed that it was always the plan to get the ball rolling again in part 3.

It would be interesting to see how Sherri handled her apparent breakup with Fez, and this would serve as the perfect launching point for her continued arc.

If I were to choose how the next episodes of That ’90s Show season 2 would go about this, it would begin with the mention of That ’70s Show‘s Fez. Though actor Wilmer Valderrama said he didn’t participate in season 2, there was no reason for the Netflix series to forget about his involvement with Sherri. It would be interesting to see how Sherri handled her apparent breakup with Fez, and this would serve as the perfect launching point for her continued arc. After all, there is still a great deal of untapped potential in this That ’90s Show character.

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