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I Can't Believe That '90s Show Season 2 Is Still Ignoring A Huge Member Of Leia Forman's Family


  • Leia’s maternal grandmother, Midge, remains unmentioned in That ’90s Show season 2.
  • Tanya Roberts, who played Midge, passed away in 2021, but the show has not addressed her character’s absence.
  • Midge’s absence could be due to her passing or her lack of commitment to her family; it’s strange to ignore her as she’s related to two main cast members.

With Leia back at her grandparents’ place in That ’90s Show season 2, I’m surprised that one family member still hasn’t been mentioned. That ’90s Show season 2, part two has reunited Leia with her grandparents and has even shown hints of what her life is like back home in Chicago with her parents, Donna and Eric Foreman, cast members of That ’70s Show. Despite this, there is still one member of Leia Foreman’s family that hasn’t really been mentioned yet, and I’m surprised it’s taking this long.

Although That ’90s Show cameos have featured several characters from the original cast of That ’70s Show, many main characters have returned to play a significant major role in Leia’s life in That ’90s Show. For example, Red and Kitty Foreman, Leia’s grandparents, remain main characters of the show. As the sequel to That ’70s Show, That ’90s Show plays on familiar plots and characters from its predecessor, which is why it’s so surprising that one character’s fate still hasn’t been acknowledged.


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That ’90s Show Season 2 Still Hasn’t Addressed What Happened To Midge Pinciotti

Midge’s Absence Could Be Explained By Tanya Roberts’ Passing

Midge Pinciotti talking to Donna outside in That '70s Show

That ’90s Show shows Leia bonding with her grandparents, Red, Kitty, and Bob. However, the absence of Leia’s maternal grandmother, Midge, still hasn’t been addressed in season 2. The actress who plays Midge, Tanya Roberts, sadly passed away in 2021. However, even though Roberts has passed away, I think it’s still important to acknowledge her character because she’s still Leia’s grandmother and Donna’s mother. Given her direct relation to two of the main cast members of That ’90s Show and That ’70s Show, ignoring her absence is strange.

Midge’s absence could be explained by acknowledging that she has passed away, but That ’90s Show season 2 has yet to make such an announcement through one of the characters. The only other explanation that would explain why Midge is not actively a part of Leia’s life is Midge’s lack of commitment to both Bob and Donna, as the character constantly left her family to pursue other dreams in That ’70s Show. I think it would be best to learn about what happened to Midge either through Kitty or Bob and I’m hoping some That ’90s Show season 2, part two episodes address this.

Bob’s Return To Point Place Makes Midge’s Absence More Difficult To Ignore

What Happened To Midge?

That ’90s Show has already shown Bob returning to Point Place and moving in next to Red and Kitty to be closer to his granddaughter. The move was part of a plan between Donna and Kitty to give Red some companionship, since Kitty works during the school year and Leia only stays during the summer. At some point during part two, Kitty announced that after Bob’s move, all of Leia’s grandparents would be in one place. Missing original That ’70s Show actors is not uncommon in That ’90s Show, but it is weird when it’s a direct family member.

Whether (Midge) has passed away in the show or if she’s just not actively part of Leia’s life due to her distance from Bob and Donna is yet to be confirmed…

Kitty’s comment seems to imply that Midge doesn’t exist anymore in That ’90s Show. Whether she has passed away in the show or if she’s just not actively part of Leia’s life due to her distance from Bob and Donna is yet to be confirmed. It’s a That 90’s Show season 2 problem that hasn’t been solved. Whatever the case, I know that Midge was a humorous character in That ’70s Show and I would like to see her absence acknowledged sometime soon in That ’90s Show.

That 90s Show Poster

That 90s Show

That ’70s Show returns set two decades later with That ’90s Show, acting as a sequel but bringing back old cast favorites. Led by Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) Forman, the new cast arrives as the next generation, with the daughter of Eric and Donna, Leia Forman, leading the charge. Spending the summer with her grandparents, Leia makes new friends and forges new bonds in Point Place, Wisconsin. That ’70s Show series regulars make cameos in the show to maintain that sense of familiarity, and the show adopts the conventions of the ’90s as expected. That ’90s Show first aired on Netflix with a total of ten episodes. 

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