I Sympathize With You For The Discomfort And Verbal Assaults In The Future – CJN Ariwoola To New Judges

The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Olukayode Ariwoola, has warned the new Judges of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory to be prepared for troubles, uncomplimentary remarks and verbal attacks from litigants.

The CJN stated this on Thursday while inaugurating the high court judges.

He said that although he congratulates the 12 new Judges, he still sympathizes with them because of the discomfort they would encounter in the discharge of their judicial duties.

Ariwoola warned the judges to be prepared to absorb all uncomplimentary remarks and do their jobs in line with the dictates of the law and the oath of office administered to them.

The CJN said, “The newly appointed 12 Judges of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory have just taken the oath of office.

“This is an exercise required of all Judicial Officers to align their conscience with the reality of the new status they are assuming.

“It indicates the fact that things can never remain the same in Your Lordships’ lives again because your lifestyle has automatically changed and your acquaintances too have to be instantaneously reviewed and reordered to align with the current reality of your new status.

“Though judicial officers are not known to possess some supernatural powers or magic wands to perform wonders, I can assure you that the society we operate will certainly demand the impossible from you as Judges.

“There is nothing we have not seen or heard before, but Your Lordships should be ready to see and hear more strange things in the course of your adjudication.

“Even though I rejoice with Your Lordships on this very important appointment, I still sympathize with you for the many troubles, discomfort, verbal assaults and uncomplimentary remarks that will be made about you by various litigants in the course of your adjudication, especially if your conscience is not directly regulating your conduct.

“We are all humans, no doubt, but you display the humanism in you by doing those extraordinary things that people would ordinarily say you cannot do.

“That is what distinguishes those with integrity and passion for success from those with unenviable pedigree and dysfunctional moral compass.

“Like I always say, appointment to the Bench is not an appointment to affluence, vainglory, influence or unholy acquaintance with people of unenviable character that may appear before you in different guises and make you do what is offensive to the law.

“You must shun unmerited wealth, dishonest disposition and ostentatious lifestyle borne out of corrupt acquaintances.

“The National Judicial Council will never rest on its oars in fishing out the bad eggs within the judiciary and consigning them to odium.”

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