IBEDC Increases Band A Electricity Tariff By ₦2.70

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Plc (IBEDC) has declared an immediate increase in electricity tariffs for its Band A customers, raising the rate from ₦206.80 per kWh to ₦209.50 per kWh.

This change was confirmed through an official notice issued by the company on Wednesday.

The tariff adjustment has received the green light from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), as part of the multi-year tariff supplementary order.

IBEDC’s management cited several economic factors as the drivers behind this decision, including fluctuating exchange rates, the national inflation rate, generation capacity, and the escalating costs of gas.

These elements have notably influenced the company’s operational costs, necessitating the tariff revision to sustain service quality.

It’s important to note that this tariff adjustment specifically targets Band A customers, known for having a minimum of 20 hours of electricity supply per day.

The tariffs for other customer bands, specifically Bands B through E, will remain unchanged. This decision reflects the company’s strategic approach to cost recovery based on service delivery levels across different customer segments.

The Acting Managing Director of IBEDC, Francis Agoha,  emphasized the company’s dedication to delivering reliable and efficient electricity services.

We understand that any change in tariffs can be a concern for our customers, and we assure you that this adjustment is necessary to maintain and improve the quality of our services,” Agoha said.

He reassured customers that the adjustments were essential for the company to continue providing high-quality electricity services and ensuring value for customer money.

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